Jeong Choi wins 2 times in a row, next opponent is Chang-ho Lee 9th dan

Choi Jeong 9th dan, the last bastion of the women’s team, is boosting the hopes of the women’s team. Jeong Choi, 9-dan, defeated Myung-hoon Choi, 9-dan, in the 21st match of the 17th GG Auction Cup Gentleman vs. Ladies Streak, held at the Baduk TV Studio on the evening of the 11th, and won two games in a row.

In this competition, where the gentlemen’s team and the ladies’ team compete in a 12-12 match, 9th dan Choi Jeong is the final runner of the ladies’ team. He took on a critical role at the edge of a cliff and defeated No. 9 runner Baek Dae-hyeon, 9-dan, and No. 10 runner, Choi Myeong-hoon, 9-dan, of the Shinsa team, which had four players left.

Choi Jeong, 9-dan, defeated 9-dan Jo Hoon-hyeon as vice-captain in the 6th class, and defeated 9-dan Lee Chang-ho as vice-captain in the 15th class, deciding to win the ladies team.

9th dan Choi Jeong and 9th dan Choi Myung-hoon faced off for the third time in total. Previously, Myung-Hoon Choi, 9th dan, won both the 2012 Interleague finals and the 2020 GG Auction Cup finals.

In particular, in the 13th GG Auction Cup in 2020, Myeong-hoon Choi, 9-dan, defeated 9-dan Choi Jeong, and the gentleman team was crowned the winner. Of the 1 wins and 4 losses that 9th dan Choi Myung-hoon achieved in the GG Auction Cup finals, the only one was in the championship-deciding country at that time.

The win rate graph really moved around a lot. “At first, I thought it was a little okay, but as I watched it, I realized it wasn’t. Even when I lose, it’s very difficult and I don’t know anything,” said 9th Dan Choi Jeong’s afterword.

The game of Baduk, which started with Choi Jeong’s 9th dan black, was a fierce battle. The win rate graph, which shows the real-time situation, moved moment by moment. There was a lot of movement due to the numbers missing both points.

In this trend, 9th Dan Choi Myung-hoon made a big mistake in the process of using fat in the final game. As a result, Daema was unable to breathe, and with that, 9th Dan Choi Jeong avenged his defeat three years ago. The match started 3 hours and 8 minutes and ended with a 7-and-a-half victory after 301 moves.토토사이트

(192~209) During the battle over Baek Dae-ma’s life and death, when 9th Dan Choi Jeong won the card with ▲, 9th Dan Choi Myeong-hoon’s 192 was virtually a loss. By resolving it to 193, the life of hemp disappeared. With 192, White would have a slight advantage if A’s fat was used.

The ‘hope index’ rose significantly for the ladies’ team, which needed 4 consecutive wins from 9th dan Choi Jeong to win the big comeback. The Shinsa team players waiting in the future are 9th dan Lee Chang-ho and 9th dan Jo Hanseung.

9-dan Choi Jeong has been inferior to 9-dan Lee Chang-ho with 2 wins and 3 losses, and 9-dan Cho Han-seung with 3 wins and 4 losses. In the rankings, 9-dan Choi Jeong is 17th, 9-dan Cho Han-seung is 37th, and 9-dan Lee Chang-ho is 82nd. The gentleman team announced 9th dan Lee Chang-ho as the next runner to continue on the evening of the 12th.

Myeong-hoon Choi 9-dan defeated Choi Jeong 9-dan in the 13th class and decided to win the gentleman team.

“I think I didn’t say anything before the game because I was worried that everyone (team members) would feel pressured, and I feel like they are cheering me on from the bottom of my heart,” said Choi Jeong, 9-dan, who said, “I think the players on our team will have expectations at this point.” “The people who remain are also very strong, so I will just leave them at peace.”

The GG Auction Cup is a gentlemen vs. ladies streak competition, with the winning team taking the prize money of 120 million won. The number of wins so far has been 7 times for the gentleman team and 9 times for the ladies team.

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