‘It’s worth it’… “Selling Son Heung-min is crazy”

 Despite the unfamiliar sluggishness, the faith in Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur, 31) does not change.

British media ‘The Boot Room’ reported on the 16th (Korean time), 온라인바카라 “Darren Bent from Tottenham said that it was crazy for the club to sell Son Heung-min.”

Son Heung-min, who wore a Tottenham uniform in 2015, has grown steadily. He struggled to adapt to his first season, but became stronger after overcoming the crisis.

He scored in double digits in league scoring every season. From the 2019-20 season, he showed off his versatility by achieving 10-10 (10 goals -10 assists) in the league for two consecutive seasons.

In his last season, he showed a different performance at the peak. He drove in 23 goals without scoring from penalties. He wrote a new history by becoming joint top scorer with Mohamed Salah (Liverpool).

This season, expectations naturally grew. Son Heung-min is having a difficult time unlike expected. There are few reports of scoring goals amid tactics that are somewhat incompatible with the stronger opponent check.

Son Heung-min scored only 4 goals in 21 league games this season. Three of these goals came in one match against Leicester City. That means he’s only had two games where he’s scored goals. Even if you expand the scope to all official competitions, 8 goals in 30 matches. Likewise, a run-in goal was scored and only 4 games were scored.

This is why criticism towards Son Heung-min comes out. Another Tottenham player, Jamie O’Hara, expressed doubt. He mentioned Son Heung-min after the match against AC Milan, saying, “The recent appearances of some Tottenham players are definitely shocking.”

Oh Hara asked back, “What the hell happened to Son Heung-min?” It doesn’t make sense,” he said, responding that he couldn’t understand.

Transfer rumors also came out. Stan Collymore, who played an active role in Liverpool and Aston Villa, said to Son Heung-min, “He is a player whose skills and reputation have been verified in England.” predicted

Bent clearly opposed the transfer of Son Heung-min. He raised his voice through ‘Talk Sports’, saying, “It sounds completely crazy.” He said, “After Son Heung-min came in 2015, the only players who have scored more goals than him are Harry Kane, Salah, Jamie Vardy, and Sadio Mane.”

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