“It’s disgusting to see”… Hwang Hee-chan’s colleague, spit on the opponent’s face, but ‘no card’

Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Daniel Podense stood at the center of controversy for his messy behavior.

Wolverhampton drew 1-1 with Nottingham Forest in the 29th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season held at the City Ground in Nottingham스포츠토토, England on the 1st at 11:00 pm (Korean time). Wolverhampton, who added one point, moved one step away from the relegation zone in 13th place (28 points) in the league.

It was a game you could lose. Wolverhampton struggled with Nottingham’s sharp counterattack. In the 38th minute of the first half, Brennan Johnson allowed a powerful shot from an angle and gave up the opening goal.

It was Podense that brought the team out of the brink of defeat. Podense, who stepped on the ground as a substitute at the start of the second half, caught Pedro Neto’s shot deflected after hitting the defense in the 38th minute of the second half. He folded once from the left flank and calmly peeled away the defense in front of him before scoring a valuable equalizer with a powerful right-footed shot.

However, at the end of the game, he acted dirty. In the process of defending a free kick in the 44th minute of the second half, Podense, who passed by Johnson, turned his head and acted like spitting. Johnson held his face and looked at the referee, but the referee did not take out a card for Podense, citing the results of the video review (VAR).

After the match, the controversy continued. Trevor Sinclair, who appeared on the British ‘Talk Sports’ panel, said, “Podense puffed his cheeks and blew in Johnson’s direction, and Johnson put his hand on his face. I couldn’t see any liquid coming out of Podense’s mouth, but it was like spitting. It was seen, it was disgusting to see,” he criticized Podense.

It was the same in other media. Leon Osman of the BBC said: “All the evidence of spitting is there. Podense purses his lips and moves his face, and Johnson reacts instantly. It’s one,” said Podense, apparently spitting at Johnson.

Podense did not mention the incident in a post-match interview. According to England’s ‘The Athletic’, the Football Association of England is investigating whether Podense really spit secretions on opponents.

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