“It’s a shame I’m short”… Intense body measurement scene

Park Moo-bin, Moon Jeong-hyun, and Yoo Yu-sang are considered the biggest names in this professional basketball rookie draft.

Ahead of the draft, height, wingspan, jumping ability, etc. were measured.

Reporter Jeong Joo-hee covered the struggles of prospective professional athletes who cannot give up even 1cm.


Park Moo-bin and Yoo Yoo-sang, who competed fiercely in the regular match between Korea University and Yonsei University,

met this time as ‘job seekers’ to measure physical abilities for the rookie draft.

Yoo Ki-sang tries to spread his arms as hard as he can, but his feet seem to be unable to fall because the figure is smaller than expected.

<Yoo Ki-sang/Yonsei University> “The wingspan (the length of arms spread) is a little disappointing…”

Park Moo-bin quickly checks the results of the height measurement as if he is curious.

<Moobin Park/Korea University> “The height is the biggest disappointment. But it’s not that short…”

Moobin Park and Yoo Yu-sang are considered top draft candidates along with Jeong-hyun Moon of Korea University, who was selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games national team.

<Yoo Ki-sang/Yonsei University> “I want to go where they want me. (Lee) Jeong-hyeon hyung wants to come to Sono, so I’m saying this…” <Park Moo-bin/Korea University> “No matter

which team I go to, I will quickly try to find the parts that the team needs. same.토토사이트

<Yoo Ki-sang/Yonsei University> “I really like Sono’s (former) Sung-hyun hyung and want to emulate him…”

Park Moo-bin developed his dream after watching DB’s point guard Doo Kyung-min, and grew up under the guidance of legendary coach Joo Hee-jung in college.

<Park Moo-bin/Korea University> “Coach (Joo Hee-jung) remained a legend in the pros, so I learned a lot in college and quickly put those lessons into practice in the pros…”

The player who will receive the honor of being selected first in the draft, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, will be decided on the 21st. It’s possible.

This is Jeong Joo-hee of Yonhap News TV.

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