It’s a pity that the Vietnamese national team couldn’t fill 100 games” Tears of Park Hang-seo, head coach, who said goodbye to Vietnamese fans

 Director Park Hang-seo (66) said goodbye to Vietnamese fans.

Director Park Hang-seo met fans at the ‘Thankful Park, Thankful Fans’ event held in Hanoi, Vietnam on the 2nd. Director Park had a good time answering fans’ questions. Manager Park Hang-seo said, “I hate losing, so I treated the players as strictly as possible. I regret that I only played 98 matches for the Vietnamese national team. If we had beaten 온라인바카라 Thailand, we would have filled 100 games… ” he regretted and showed tears. 

Head coach Park Hang-seo and national team students Nguyen Van Toan (27, E-Land) and Nguyen Hoang Duc participated in the event.

Ban Toan, who is advancing to K-League 2 E-Land, said, “If the results in the first half of the national team were not good, coach Park encouraged me not to worry too much in the second half. When he loses a game, he gets scolded,” making the fans laugh.

Head coach Park Hang-seo’s contract as head coach of the national team was terminated as of January 31st. Coach Park plans to remain in Vietnam for the time being and strive to develop youth football. 

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