It won’t work, Yun Seong-bin stopped again

Yoon Seong-bin (24), the Lotte Giants’ ‘perennial prospect’, stopped again before an injury. 

Yoon Seong-bin complained of pain in his left hamstring (muscle in the back of the thigh) after pitching in an evaluation match against the Hanwha Eagles held in Okinawa, Japan on the 2nd. He returned home immediately and conducted a thorough examination. As a result, he was diagnosed with a hamstring femoris biceps second degree tear. Yoon Seong-bin received recovery injection treatment on the same day, and is scheduled to enter the second treatment on the 10th. 

I have to watch more, but considering the recovery and rehabilitation period, it seems difficult to start the early season. He plans to take a break at home for the next two weeks to monitor his recovery and set up a treatment and rehabilitation schedule.  

Yoon Seong-bin is Lotte’s sore finger. Yoon Seong-bin, who received attention from American Major League (MLB) clubs with his excellent physique of 1m97cm and a fast ball of 150 km per hour, chose to go to Lotte instead of the American challenge. After receiving Lotte’s first nomination in 2017, he joined with a down payment of 450 million won. 

Over the past six years, Yun Seong-bin’s first-team career has been 2-6 with an ERA of 6.75 in a total of 20 games. It was because his ankle was caught in his injury and his lack of control. 

Yoon Seong-bin, who was evaluated as the future of Lotte’s starting team, closed both the 1st and 2nd teams due to a shoulder injury from the first year of his joining. The following year, he made his first-team debut as a starting pitcher, but switched to a bullpen pitcher at the end of the season. Afterwards, Yoon Seong-bin complained of back and elbow pain and withdrew from his power. His injuries and rehabilitation were repeated frequently. He enlisted on active duty after the 2021 season, but was discharged from the training center due to health problems. 

Lotte has high expectations for Yoon Sung-bin. He has an excellent physique and excellent pitches. He has a sharp slider as well as a fastball. During the season, Lotte sent a player (Yoon Seong-bin) to an overseas club (Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan) for training. Also in 2020, Seongbin Yoon was sent to the US Driveline Baseball, which has state-of-the-art system facilities.  

Yoon Seong-bin is an ‘unfinished standby’. He struck out 65 while pitching a total of 52 innings with the first team, but he also had 43 walks (40 walks), which is a lot. He is caught in his control and is repeating the pattern of causing a crisis and then collapsing.   

As pitching coach Bae Young-soo, a right-handed pitcher who won 138 personal wins, joined Lotte, expectations for Yoon Seong-bin grew. Coach Bae sought a reversal by providing more carrots and sticks to Sungbin Yoon than anyone else. He started custom guidance to balance pitching. Yoon Seong-bin also followed coach Bae and trained harder than ever before pouring sweat. He also lost a lot of weight. On the 2nd, when he collapsed due to an injury, he recorded a maximum speed of 148km per hour in the evaluation match against Hanwha. 

Yoon Seong-bin was included in the spring camp roster for the first time in three years and survived in the first team during the 1st and 2nd ‘cut-off’. Starting with the 1st spring camp in Guam, he accompanied the 2nd Ishigaki and 3rd Okinawa. 메이저놀이터

However, this time, he failed to show a different appearance in front of the injury. ‘Spring Day’ has not yet come to Yoon Sung-bin. 

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