It was a pity for the mistake + the silence of the bases, but Kim Ha-seong reported a hit after 3G… ‘Snell QS+’ SD 3rd consecutive victory escape

San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong cut off the bad flow of silence in three games. However, the defensive error and the silence at the bases loaded were a bit disappointing.

Kim Ha-seong started as second baseman and first batter in an away match against the 2023 Major League St. Louis Cardinals held at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, USA on the 29th (hereinafter Korean time) and recorded 1 hit in 4 at-bats. He maintained a batting average of 0.274 for the season.

Ha-seong Kim, who was unable to get a single hit in the three-game match against the Milwaukee Brewers from the 26th, dampened the hot feeling of hitting. However, he never went hitless in four straight games. Ha-seong Kim scored a hit against the living legend of the major league ‘198 wins’. However, the reason why he couldn’t make use of the defensive error and the chance to get the bases loaded was the ok in the game that day.

It was good from the start. In the first inning as the lead batter, Kim Ha-seong pushed an 84.8-mile (approximately 136.5 km) four-seam fastball that was formed high outside the strike zone outside St. Louis starter Adam Wainwright’s first pitch and scored a hit in front of the right fielder. I cut off the bad flow. However, the follow-up hit did not break out and did not lead to a goal.

In the second at-bat, he swallowed regret at the lake rain. Kim Ha-seong attempted a ‘surprise bunt’ against Wainwright at the first base unscathed in the third inning, and created an exquisite batted ball that fell between the pitcher and third baseman. But here, after the ‘Gold Glove third baseman’ Arenado ran quickly and showed a perfect throw after the ‘bare hand catch’, the ball that could have been an infield hit became a sacrifice bunt. But again, San Diego failed to produce a point.

In the third at-bat without a runner in the top of the 4th inning, Kim Ha-seong, who withdrew with a floating ball from center fielder, left a disappointing result in the defense at the end of the 4th inning. In the bottom of the 4th inning, St. Louis leading hitter Macyne Wynn hit the ball and headed for the second baseman. At this time, Ha-seong Kim made a catch mistake. But fortunately, there was no crisis caused by this mistake.

After recording an error, he failed to hit or go on base at the most crucial moment. San Diego got a chance with two outs loaded with consecutive hits from Zander Bogarts, Matt Carpenter, and Gary Sanchez, and Trent Grisham got a walk. And at bat, Ha-seong Kim entered.

Wainwright showed a faltering pitch in a big crisis, maybe it was because he was in a hurry because of the narrow lead. Ha-seong Kim held out his bat on a high curve outside the strike zone on the third pitch of Wainwright, who was hardly finding stability, and lowered his head as he retreated with a ground ball to the third baseman. And in the last at-bat in the 8th inning, the game ended with a shortstop ground ball.스포츠토토

On this day, San Diego produced 12 hits, but played a frustrating game with only 4 points scored. However, whatever the process, they succeeded in escaping from a three-game losing streak. It was in the middle of the game that the tight 0-0 balance collapsed. It was San Diego that succeeded in suppressing the baseline.

San Diego took a 1-0 lead in the 6th inning when Fernando Tatis Jr. and Zander Bogarts scored consecutive hits, and Carpenter called home a runner on 3rd base in the 1st out 1st and 3rd base chances. However, Tatis Jr., who was sprinting to third base here, scored a runner, leaving San Diego with a regret, and Kim Ha-seong also failed to score a point in the following two outs full base, so the score gap could not be widened significantly.

San Diego, which only scored one point in the mass scoring chance, fortunately scored an additional point in the 7th inning. San Diego ran away with one more run when Garrett Cooper hit a timely hit against Andre Palante, a pitcher changed by St. Louis, with two outs on first and second base, created by Manny Machado’s hit and Tatis Jr.’s walk.

In San Diego, starter Blake Snell gave up 5 walks during 7 innings, but raised his winning streak by recording a quality start + (7 innings, 3 earned runs or less) with 2 hits, 9 strikeouts and no runs. San Diego seemed to be heading in an unknown direction as Robert Suarez hit a solo homer off Paul Goldschmidt in the 8th inning, but took the win by scoring two runs in the top of the 9th inning, and Josh Hader locked the back door in the bottom of the 9th inning. broke off a 3-game losing streak.

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