Is there really a will to change? We don’t know yet… We need to pay attention to Klinsmann’s statement and future actions as he ‘hurries to return home’

Director Jürgen Klinsmann, who did not flinch despite heavy criticism, seems to be conscious of public opinion. What matters now is what comes out of his mouth.

The Korean national team, led by Coach Klinsmann, completed its first European tour in five years. They drew 0-0 against Wales and won 1-0 against Saudi Arabia. With the win against Saudi Arabia, Coach Klinsmann achieved his first win since taking office. From the national team’s perspective, this is the first win since the comeback win against Portugal in the third round of the group stage of the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup.

Despite the victory for the first time in a long time, public opinion about Coach Klinsmann is not good. Aside from his grades and performance, there were reasons for criticism of Coach Klinsmann’s attitude. Since his appointment, Coach Klinsmann has been controversial due to his career and previous evaluations. Director Klinsmann, who entered the country, succeeded in quelling his doubts with his elegant speech at his inauguration press conference. Afterwards, there was no victory in the A match in March, but the team performed well, raising expectations.

The problem came later. Coach Klinsmann, who showed a poor performance in the international match in June, reversed his intention to stay in Korea and went to live in the United States. K-League players expressed their intention to travel around Europe and observe European teams through an analysis video program called YScout. He did not say anything specific about when he would come to Korea or how he would view the K League players and select the roster.

I was reluctant to come to Korea, but traveling to various countries seemed okay. He went to the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and Europa League (UCL) draw, then visited AS Monaco and reminisced about his days as a player. In addition, several issues occurred simultaneously, such as the controversy over participation in the Legends Match and the problem of the panel participating diligently while neglecting the national team’s issues, and Coach Klinsmann’s credibility hit rock bottom.

After a shocking performance against Wales and a 0-0 draw, criticism of Coach Klinsmann reached its peak. In an interview released after the game, he surprised everyone by making incomprehensible remarks. Another controversy arose because he said something different from what he said at his inauguration press conference. In the match against Saudi Arabia, which had to be won at all costs, Coach Klinsmann managed to win the game, contrary to his own direction, such as changing generations and experimenting with new faces, and ended up winning 1-0.

Even after the victory against Saudi Arabia, the perception of Coach Klinsmann was not positive. The situation was very bad, with the theory of dismissal already emerging. Despite this situation, Coach Klinsmann announced his intention to attend the match against Bayern Munich and Leverkusen to see Kim Min-jae instead of returning home. Fans who held their backs once again poured out criticism.토토사이트

Since this was not the first time such criticism had been made, it seemed that Director Klinsmann would stick to his position. But it wasn’t. The Korea Football Association (KFA) announced on the 13th, “The national team is scheduled to return to Korea through Incheon Airport Terminal 2 on September 14th. Coach Klinsmann’s return interview will be held at the departure hall.” In addition, “Coach Klinsmann originally planned to watch this week’s Bundesliga game in Munich in person and visit a European club to have a meeting with officials. The intention was to conduct an on-site analysis with the European coaching staff ahead of the international match in October and then return to Korea. 10 “We decided to change the schedule at today’s coaching staff meeting to begin the process of checking K-League players before announcing the monthly roster,” he explained.

Coach Klinsmann, who did not flinch despite criticism that continued for months, showed a different side when he said, “It’s my way.” Director Klinsmann, who returns to Korea after a long time, is receiving attention. While he has shown his actions through his interviews, he seems likely to once again try to silence public opinion like he did during his inauguration press conference. Director Klinsmann has made many incomprehensible remarks so far, and attention is being paid to whether he will give another interview at Incheon Airport.

Future actions are also key. Now that more eyes are looking at Director Klinsmann, it is possible to understand whether he is trying to avoid the immediate situation or whether he is trying to change his approach by working domestically rather than just overseas. If the former is the case, Coach Klinsmann will receive more criticism than he previously received. You will only be able to confirm Director Klinsmann’s will for change by watching both the interview coming to Korea today and his future actions.

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