‘Is the NBA champion the world champion?’ What does Paul George think about the athlete’s provocation?

George did not react hastily to the athlete’s provocation.

He recently made a statement that caused an uproar in the NBA. This is the statement made by American track and field athlete Noah Lyles, who won three gold medals at the World Athletics Championships, saying, ‘Winning the NBA does not mean becoming a world champion.’

Lyles recently said, “Teams that make it to the NBA Finals say they’re on the verge of a world champion. What world champion do you mean? America? I love America, but America doesn’t mean the world. We come from almost every country. “I’m competing against players from . The players are wearing a flag and representing their country. There’s no flag in the NBA,” he said.

As Lyles said, winning the NBA does not mean becoming a world champion. However, the NBA is a league where the best basketball players from around the world gather.

In other words, as far as basketball is concerned, winning the NBA championship is the closest thing to the title of world champion.

Several stories emerged about Lyles’ remarks. In particular, NBA stars such as Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Devin Booker responded to Lyles’ provocation.

However, after the 2023 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup, Lyles’ comments began to be re-evaluated. This is because the U.S. team lost to Lithuania, Germany, and Canada in that tournament and suffered no medals.토토사이트

So what do you think of Paul George, who has long been considered one of the best players in the NBA? He recently discussed Lyles’ remarks on his podcast ‘Podcast P’. Unlike other players, George maintained a balanced gaze.

“I think Noah Lyles is technically right,” George said. “There are players from all over the world in the NBA. The NBA is becoming more international with talent from different countries joining the league. From Lyles’ perspective as an American player, it’s a big deal.” “When he wins a gold medal in a competition of this magnitude, he can be said to be a world champion.”

He added, “But as I mentioned earlier, the NBA is the best of the best with players from many different countries. If you are here, you can say you are a world champion. I don’t think there is a wrong answer either way.”

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