“Is it more expensive than an apartment in Gangbuk?” Jordan Rival, Star Card Price Surpasses 800 Million Won

The rookie card of NBA ‘legend’ Bill Russell, who passed away last year, was sold for $660,000 (approximately 880 million won) at an American auction.

ESPN, an American sports media, reported on the 13th that “Russell’s rookie card, which came out in 1957, was sold for $660,000 at an auction at the PWCC Market Place in the United States.”

It is the third most expensive basketball card ever made before 1980.

George Michael’s rookie card in 1948 sold for $800,000 last year, and Wilt Chamberlain’s rookie card in 1961 sold for $670,000 last year.

Russell won 11 championships with스포츠토토 the Boston Celtics during his active career and was selected as the MVP of the regular season five times.

The name of the trophy given to the MVP of the current NBA championship game is also called the ‘Bill Russell Award’.

Russell, who served as the first black coach in American professional sports, passed away in July of last year at the age of 88, and the NBA league secretariat designated Russell’s uniform number 6 as a permanent number for all 30 clubs.

Last year, Russell was the first case in the NBA to permanently leave the entire club.

Only players who already wear number 6 can keep the uniform number, and the ‘number 6′ patch has been attached to the court floor and players’ uniforms in the NBA stadium for the 2022-2023 season.

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