Including Kane-Romero…London teams dominate ‘EPL team of the week’

The team of the week in the English Premier League (EPL) was occupied by players from London-based teams.

British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ unveiled the team of the EPL migration on the 23rd (Korean time). A large number of players who played a big role in this round were named, most of them belonging to London-based teams such as Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Chelsea and Crystal Palace.

Eddy Nketia (Arsenal) and Harry Kane (Tottenham) were in the attacking line. Nketia scored multiple goals in an important match against Manchester United to win. With two valuable goals, the content of the game was very good. Thanks to Nketia, who fills the gap left by the injured Gabriel Jesus, Arsenal have been able to maintain their lead in the Premier League.

Kane also scored valuable victory points. Kane came out against Fulham and shook the net by connecting Son Heung-min’s pass with a clean shot. Kane’s goal became the winning goal, and Tottenham escaped a two-game losing streak. Although it is overshadowed by Elling Haaland, who scored 25 goals, Kane, who scored 16 goals, is also great. It is becoming a great force for Tottenham, which is shaking.

In the midfield, there were Jerrod Bowen (West Ham), Thomas Party, and Bukayo Saka (Arsenal). Bowen scored twice against Everton to lift West Ham United out of the relegation zone. Fatih and Saka contributed to a 3-2 win over Manchester United along with Nketia. The same was true of Oleksandr Zinchenko (Arsenal), who was named as the left fullback in the defensive line. 온라인바카라

Along with Zinchenko, Thiago Silva (Chelsea), Chris Richards (Crystal Palace) and Christian Romero (Tottenham) built the defense. Silva was singled out as the number one contributor to Liverpool’s skillful defense against goallessness. Richards and Romero also showed stable defense.

Although not a London-based team, goalkeepers Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa) and Holland (Manchester City) were also included in the list. Holland was especially great. Haaland played 54 minutes against Wolverhampton and scored a hat-trick to reach 25 league goals. It is a scoring pace that even the highest number of points in a single season in the EPL is possible. It was natural for him to be selected for Lee Joo’s team.

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