Including Ballon d’Or winners, 5 to be on the Real FA market

 In the summer of 2023, many Real Madrid players will come out with freedom. If the contract extension fails, the teams aiming for them may also have a good time.

On the 26th (local time), the European football statistics media’Transfermarkt’ highlighted 10 Spanish Primera Liga players who will be released as free agents (FA) in the summer of 2023. 10 people were divided into the top rankings by ransom.메이저놀이터

Out of 10 players, Real Madrid players accounted for the most with 5. Ballon d’Or winners Karim Benzema and Luka Modric, as well as Toni Kroos, Asensio and Dani Ceballos all have their contracts with Real Madrid expire at the end of this season.

In particular, attention is paid to Benzema’s destination. Benzema was the top scorer in the league last season and contributed to the UEFA Champions League title.

He has been slowing down a bit this season, and at the age of 36, his age is a stumbling block. Nevertheless, the value of Benzema, who will score at important moments, is still high.

Modric is also hoping to renew his contract with Real, but Real has no answer. Asensio is currently linked with Son Heung-min’s club Tottenham Hotspur.

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