In 1999, Park Chan-ho’s ‘Hanmandu’, suffering forever… 120.2 billion won Japanese outfielder ‘Han Hom-do’

“Fernando Tatis accomplished the feat on the 24th anniversary of hitting two grand slams in an inning against the Dodgers스포츠토토.”

Masataka Yoshida (30, Boston Red Sox) showed off his strength by hitting two homers in one inning. On the 24th (hereinafter Korean time), Yoshida started as a left fielder in the 2023 Major League Baseball away game against the Milwaukee Brewers held at American Family Field in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, and scored 2 hits (2 home runs) in 4 at-bats, 6 RBIs and 2 points.

Both hits were home runs. It also exploded in one inning. In the top of the 8th inning, leading 5-4, with no runners safe, Milwaukee right-hander Matt Bush hit the ball count 1B2S to the middle of the 4th pitch, drawing a superior solo arch. Season No. 2.

It wasn’t over. Boston completed a 9-run big inning in the 8th inning, and Yoshida was given another chance to hit. He hit right-hander Javier Guerra, who was leading 8-4, with a slider that came in slightly higher with 4 pitches from 2S, and hit a superior grand slam. Season No. 3.

Two home runs in one inning. It was the moment when the so-called ‘Han Hom Doo’ was completed. According to, a Boston batter hit two home runs in one inning is the first record in 15 years since David Ortis on August 13, 2008. fourth all-time Boston hitter. It’s common to hit multiple home runs in one game, but hitting more than two home runs in an inning isn’t easy.

Yoshida’s Han Hom Doo naturally summoned Park Chan Ho’s Han Man Doo. introduced Yoshida’s record and said, “Fernando Tatis accomplished the feat on the 24th anniversary of hitting two grand slams in one inning against the Dodgers.”

Surprisingly, Park Chan-ho and Mandu Han came out on April 23, 1999. It was exactly 24 years ago by local standards. At that time, Park Chan-ho of the Los Angeles Dodgers hit two grand slam homers in the third inning by Fernando Tatis (St. Louis Cardinals). It is a record that has only come out once in the history of the major leagues. Tatis is the only batter who has hit a home run twice in one inning, and it is difficult for one pitcher to hit both of those hits again. In common sense, if a pitcher who hits a home run once hits a bases loaded crisis again in the inning, he is often replaced before that inning.

Since the son of Fernando Tatis is Fernando Tatis Jr., who is currently eating rice with Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres), many years have passed. Even after 24 years, the same pitcher, same hitter, and consecutive hits in one inning with a home run no. 2 did not come out. It may not come out forever.

Yoshida also had a solo shot, and each hit a home run to a different pitcher. For Park Chan-ho, it was a record that would remain forever in the history of the major leagues. Of course, as a scapegoat, he will suffer a little. It is also the history of Park Chan-ho baseball.

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