“Illegal breeding grounds where minibichons have been made for 8 years, raided”

In Korea, where the majority of people live in condominiums such as apartments and villas, small dogs weighing around 5kg are more popular than medium-sized dogs. Small dogs such as Maltese, Pomeranians, and Shih Tzus account for more than 60% of all dogs. What is unusual is the popularity of the medium-sized dog Bichon. The proportion of Bichon, which had not been captured in statistics for the past five years, suddenly jumped to 4.5% this year.

The secret was a ‘minibichon’ and a ‘puchon’ (a cross between a poodle and a bichon). Originally, the Bichon is a medium-sized dog that grows up to 10 kg. As improved breeds that cut medium-sized dogs in half became popular, recently, mini-bichons, which reduced bichons to 2-3 kg, appeared in the pet dog market and began to spread rapidly. However, a dog is not a toy, and a bichon cannot automatically become small because it is small. Where and how did the bichon transform into a miniature dog minibichon?

In the meantime, the birth process of Mini Bichon has been a mystery even among companions. The secret was released last month when an illegal breeding ground was discovered in the mountains of Jinan-gun. A terrible illegal breeding ground filled with the stench of excrement and dog carcasses that had been neglected for years. There, ovulation inducers and medical equipment were found along with breed dogs that were crumpled in an iron cage. It was clear evidence of forced mating. This hideous breeding ground was the birthplace of the minibichon.

Forced breeding, disposal… “I wandered around looking for a hellish breeding ground”
It was Kim Jeong-hyun, CEO of the animal rescue group Bmy Dog, who found this place. Early last month, CEO Kim received a report. CEO Kim said, “I am also a breeder, but over there (the illegal breeding grounds in Jinan), even for a business like me, it crossed the line, the technique was too cruel, and they asked me to take action.”

However, the informant did not provide the exact location of the breeding grounds. It was probably because he was afraid of being branded as a whistleblower and getting retaliation. Instead, he gave me a clue: ‘a black vinyl house on the mountainside on the border between Jangsu-gun and Jinan-gun’. From then on, CEO Kim toured around 50 villages in turn along the administrative boundary, and began to search for all the black greenhouses that caught his eye.

a few hours to do that. He got a call from a colleague. “ There is a small village in OO- myeon, but there is a plastic greenhouse where people in the neighborhood have complained several times because of the smell of dog feces.” CEO Kim immediately drove to the breeding grounds made up of old containers and plastic greenhouses.

It was the site where the nation’s first minibichon was made. Breed dogs made by forcibly crossing a 10kg class Bichon with a 2-3kg class Maltese or Mini Poodle are supplied nationwide, and handicapped or elderly dogs with no product value are starved to death and then incinerated to dispose of their bodies. The inside of the breeding grounds was horrible. A bichon and about 40 small dogs, which climbed on top of a pile of feces rising like a mountain, were howling while confined to a narrower cage in a narrow 10㎡ container. Even that was only one of the three containers, so the number of illegal breeding seemed to exceed 100. It was a gruesome sight that even President Kim, who had witnessed the illegal breeding grounds many times, had never seen before.

140 birds in a 3-pyeong container… minibichon rescuer
“Is anyone there?” When CEO Kim called, a young man appeared. It was Mr. A in his 30s who runs a breeding farm. Mr. A said that he did not seem to be in good spirits. It was over 30 degrees, he was wearing a padded jumper and pants that were torn here and there, and a foul stench emanated from his body. Although he felt threatened, CEO Kim approached Mr. A by impersonating a customer who came to purchase a breeding dog, and was able to enter the breeding grounds and secure the video necessary for the report.

Finally, around 10 am on the 2nd of last month, about 20 people, including police officers, local government officials, and 10 animal groups across the country스포츠토토, raided the illegal bichon breeding grounds. Excrement accumulated over eight years hardened and the iron bars could not be opened. Activists had to break down the door with a hammer and get the dogs out. The breeding grounds were finally opened. As many as 140 breeds of dogs, including bichons, Maltese and poodles, were found at the site. CEO Kim said, “On that day, the bichons stepped on the dirt floor for the first time in their lives. Most of the children could not even walk properly.” Injection needles and vials of succicolin, a poison that causes cardiac arrest, and traces of burning corpses were also found throughout the breeding grounds. Volunteers at the site and public officials who were dispatched also clicked their tongues in unison, saying, “This is not something people would do.” Mr. A is currently being sent to the prosecution on charges of violating the Animal Protection Act.

Illegal breeding grounds have been closed, but challenges remain. This is because the Jinan-gun Office is delaying the donation process for the 140 rescued animals, so preparations for adoption and treatment for the rescued animals are being postponed without a promise. Animal groups officials are also concerned that the rescued dogs may return to the hands of breeders. CEO Kim worried, “I know that Mr. A and some breeders keep filing complaints with the county office to return the dogs.” Lee Hyo-jeong, CEO of the animal group Dorothy’s Dog who participated in the rescue, also said, “(Jinan-gun) requested rescue and now we cannot accept that they come back and ask for it back.” An official from Jinan-gun replied, “We temporarily entrusted the animal group with a large number of rescued animals,” and “we are reviewing internally whether to donate.”

“I hope you will be loved at home, not at breeding grounds” We are looking for Fuchong Moss’ family
On the 9th, Kukmin Ilbo visited the shelter of Dorothy, an animal rescue group in Incheon. Dorothy was protecting a total of 9 Mini Bichons and Puchons among the dogs rescued from Jinan illegal breeding grounds. Two-year-old Pushon Moss, still waiting for his family, welcomed the reporters.

Moss, which weighed just over 3 kg, was healthy without any minor illnesses. She is fortunate in her misfortune that the breeder has vaccinated the dogs with high commercial value. She was confirmed by teacher Miae, a 12-year-old behavioral expert, and Moss liked to play with toys that made noise instead of accepting her snacks and embraced strangers. Moss was friendly with her. Volunteer Jeong Hee-yeon, who participated in the Moss rescue site, said, “Moss is a model dog with a calm personality and can easily cover her bowel movements.

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