If you throw 3 in the middle, you will believe it and use it”…Already 3rd year 1st round, full potential coaches dispatched

 Kim Jin-wook (21), a ‘top-class left-hander’, 온라인바카라 is about to enter his 3rd year at the Lotte Giants. Kim Jin-wook, who was nominated in the 2nd round of the 2020 rookie draft, is still not as good as he expected in high school. Everyone is running towards Kim Jin-wook’s stretching and full potential.

For Kim Jin-wook, this winter is long. After being dispatched to Geelong Korea of ​​the Australian Professional Baseball (ABL) from the end of last year, he immediately joined the team’s spring camp in Guam. He is immersed in baseball and is selling out without returning to Korea. Considering last year’s finish camp, Kim Jin-wook can only think of baseball this winter.

At the finishing camp, he continued form correction to strengthen his control and training to adapt to the mound in Sajik, and tested the change in Geelong Korea. He goes through the process of verifying the results of his changes through spring camp and practice games.

Over the past two years, the players, coaching staff, and fans have all learned that Kim Jin-wook’s problem is his control. Steady content and results were not guaranteed. He said, “Because I lacked consistency and control over the past two years, I talked a lot with Coach Bae Young-soo and Coach Kang Young-sik, and I’m gradually reducing my form, which I’ve grown a lot since high school, and getting rid of a lot of unnecessary movements.”

When we tested the change in Australia, it got better little by little. He said, “I didn’t even know the timing little by little. It didn’t go well. But the more I threw, the more I got the hang of it, and I found my own point. It’s getting established little by little,” he said. I didn’t. So I was able to test my changes comfortably. It was nice to be able to focus on other things than the result and throw because you trusted me even if I gave you a walk.”

3rd year now. You know that you have to live up to expectations. He said, “In the first year, I did it recklessly without thinking. In the second year, I tried to change a lot of what I felt in the first year. Now that I’m in my third year, I’m changing what I felt in the past two years in a different direction, reducing my form, or changing it in a different direction. ” said

The coaches of the pitching part clung to Kim Jin-wook’s potential to explode. We are not only giving technical advice, but we are giving each other partial advice that is necessary for each part. 

Coach Bae Young-soo, the main pitching coach with 132 wins, led the change to reduce the wind-up width of Kim Jin-wook’s right arm since last year and ordered him to regain his confidence. Kim Jin-wook said, “Coach Bae doesn’t need anything else, just throw with confidence. Just look in the middle and throw. He said that you will gain confidence when you throw. ‘Coach says that’s all you need. Coach Bae Young-soo gave advice, saying, “If you have the ability to do it, I will trust you and use it.”

Bullpen coach Kang Young-sik, who is a top left-handed bullpen and still has the most holds in Lotte history, is ordering balance from Jin-wook Kim. Kim Jin-wook explained, “I am training by paying more attention to the balance of the lower body than anything else. The coach also said that it was something he always did during his active career.” did.

Training coach Kim Hyeon-wook, who created a 20-win season and is also called the ‘viper’ and is training the pitching staff rigorously, is also trying to bring Kim Jin-wook’s change into conversation. Kim Jin-wook’s body has grown somewhat through steady weight training. In response, coach Kim Hyun-wook said, “(Kim) Jin-wook has grown in size. There is no guarantee that the ball will go faster or control the ball. We continue to talk about it, but I think it is necessary for the player to accept it and solve it through dialogue.”

He also hangs out with 112-win veteran Cha Woo-chan, who was his roommate on the Tokyo Olympic team. He explained, “Even when I’m resting, I’m resting together. I’m trying to stick together. Even seniors don’t tell me seriously, but I’m the type to throw out word by word. To me, that’s a huge help.” 

Each part has a lot of interest in Kim Jin-wook. I want to fulfill these expectations myself. “It’s true that I haven’t lived up to expectations over the past two years. Now, I want to become a player who can give joy to the fans and have fun while watching the game. I also want to make the game go quickly,” he pledged. .

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