Ie-Jin Lee tears up “Yoon is an amateur? Democrats, you are ‘professionals’, so even if people are killed…”

“Did Zhu keep his mouth shut when people were being killed by a hostile country…’National Security Law’ failed to punish”

“Politics of words without alternatives, a former president who made promises and didn’t keep them…what can you say?”

“Pathetic people who didn’t dare to speak up to a hostile country, who oppressed their own people…”

“I ask you who are the amateurs…aren’t you the amateurs of Noh?”

“Professionals work silently even if they are criticised…they do what they have to do for the people.”

(From left) Former President Moon Jae-in, Lee Hae-jin, and Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party of Korea. <Digital Times reporter Lee Seul-ki, Digital Times DB, Yonhap News Agency
Lee Hae-jin, the brother of the late Lee Dae-joon, an official at the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries who was killed by North Korean forces, fired a direct hit at former President Moon Jae-in and the Democratic Party of Korea, saying, “The Democratic Party of Korea calls the current government amateurs.” “Then you ask if you are professionals and failed to punish them with the National Security Act when they were being mercilessly killed by a hostile country,” he said.

On the 1st, Lee said on his Facebook page, “This is ridiculous. How do you explain politics that has no alternatives but only words, and a former president who made promises and didn’t keep them?” Lee said on Facebook on 1 January.

“He’s an amateur, so he doesn’t keep his promises and just talks nonsense,” Lee said, adding, “How dare he ask if it wasn’t the last government that scared and suppressed the people.”

“How do you explain the solicitation of personnel for the Election Commission while only talking about the youth?” He asked, “I ask who are the amateurs, aren’t you the amateurs of the opposition?” He slammed the Democratic Party.

He added, “A professional is to work silently even if he is criticised. It is to do what needs to be done for the people.” “Amateurs are noisier. Amateurs are the ones who don’t admit it,” he said.

In conclusion, Lee said, “Pathetic people who dare not speak to hostile countries do not belong in the mouths of those who suppressed and suppressed the country and people.” “If you don’t want to work, it is wiser to take off your badge and return it. If you don’t want to work, it’s better to take off your badge and return it.” “The last thing you should do is serve the people,” he added.

The day before, Lee had posted a snipe at Jeon Hyun-hee스포츠토토, chairwoman of the National Commission for the Protection of Human Rights, who recently announced her intention to conduct a full investigation into alleged irregularities in the hiring of children by the National Election Commission (NEC), which has been controversial in political circles.

“I condemn the bizarre misleadingness of Chairwoman Jeon Hyun-hee’s decision to investigate the Election Commission in her sleep, less than a month before she leaves office,” he wrote, adding, “It’s been over a year since I requested the Election Commission to investigate the North Korean shelling of the South Korean Navy, and I’m still hearing nothing but delay notices.” He sighed deeply.

“Are you kidding me? You can’t use your authority like that. You can’t abuse your official duties in this way,” he said, adding, “That kind of consciousness of doing whatever you want even when there is a problem is no longer acceptable. He said, “I don’t understand what you are going to do now, saying that I don’t know what you are going to do about the Democratic Party members’ interference in the North Korean attack on the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

He said, “Shouldn’t the investigation you’re doing now be done by the National Audit Office?” He added, “I don’t know what you’re going to do with your resignation in sight while taking time to do what you need to do. If you resign right now, you will give the people their rights back.”

Jeon Hyun-hee (left), chairwoman of the National Committee for the Protection of Human Rights, and Lee Ie-Jin. <Digital Times DB, Yonhap News Agency
Earlier in the day, Jeong Seung-yoon, vice chairman and secretary-general of the KKK, held a briefing at the government’s Seoul headquarters and said, “We started a full-scale investigation into suspected irregularities in the recruitment of children of the Election Commission today.” “We will set up a large-scale ‘Recruitment Irregularities Investigation Team’ centred on the KKK’s Recruitment Irregularities Integrated Reporting Centre, with dozens of people from the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Examination Protection Bureau.

“We have already coordinated with the Election Commission in advance, and the investigation has begun in earnest now that the data has arrived,” Chung said, adding, “As the lead vice chairperson, I will take responsibility and investigate clearly to the end and reveal it to the public.”

The KNC will first conduct an intensive investigation for one month, and then investigate further where there are gaps.

“The independence of the NEC is not an unlimited power, but is allowed within the constitutional framework of national sovereignty and separation of powers,” Chung said, noting that the NEC’s investigation should not be misunderstood as a violation of the NEC’s independence. “The Election Commission should not reject or obstruct the investigation of the National Rights Interest Committee determined by the people on the grounds of its independence,” he said, calling for active cooperation. Chung explained that the investigation is not being conducted jointly with the NEC, but by the NEC alone.

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