I thought the lower body was overweight… But the top 155 km was the first starter. “The fastball is from the thigh, not the arm” 

Hanwha officials admire the new foreign pitcher Birch Smith. 안전놀이터 It’s just the hips and thighs. Certainly, his lower body is different from other foreign pitchers.

Not wearing his uniform makes him feel like he’s overweight on his lower body, but Smith takes great pride in his thighs. That thigh is the secret to the fastball he throws.

Smith is a tall pitcher with a height of 1m93. His RBI is high, and his fastball in the early and mid-150km range and his sharp curve are evaluated as his main weapon. Most hitters lose their timing on the curve that falls after throwing a high fastball. He also throws a two-seam, slider and changeup. He also demonstrated outstanding pitching pitching in the bullpen. He has already been appointed as the first starter.

Smith was proud of his thick thighs. because it was his grandfather. Smith said, “I was 75kg skinny until high school, but I got thicker after college. Now I’m 105kg.” He said, “My uncles also have thick lower bodies.” He continued, “Many people think that fast speed comes from strong arms, but speed has to come from the feet and pass through the core to the arms,” ​​explaining that the thick thighs and lower body are the source of speed.

Smith, who played as a bullpen pitcher for the Seibu Lions last year, chose the Hanwha Eagles, who were guaranteed a start this season despite Japan’s offer of up to 1.5 million dollars. That’s why the desire for his selection was great. Smith said, “In Japan, they saw me as a bullpen pitcher, and in Hanwha, I thought of myself as a starter. I feel proud and feel good.” I can do it,” he said with confidence.

The only time Smith has thrown more than 100 innings in a season since his debut is 128⅔ innings in his 2012 single-A year. It is also a concern that he has not been selected as a starter recently.

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