‘I put wings on the tiger’s back!’ Another weapon of Korea University is the 3-point shot

Korea University has recently won 9 consecutive victories, boasting an improved shooting sense. 

Korea University, whose 3-point shot sparked fire, won the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League Sungkyunkwan University 98-61 at Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium on the 9th. With this victory, Korea University maintained its 9-game winning streak and maintained first place in the league. 

Korea University recorded a 3-point success rate of 21.9% (16/73) in 3 games last April, showing a slightly stagnant 3-point success rate. Of course, the score difference widened and the majority of shots were attempted at the end of the 4th quarter, but considering Korea University’s reputation as the ‘strongest player in the university league’, the success rate was rather low. 

However, in May, Korea University succeeded in equipping itself with another weapon by introducing a high-water 3-point shot. Korea University made 18 3-pointers in a confrontation with Myongji University on the 1st. The success rate is a whopping 58%. 

This is not a record limited to one or two players, but it is more meaningful because many players such as Park Moo-bin, Yoon Ki-chan, Kim Tae-hoon, Lee Kun-hee, Park Jeong-hwan, and Moon Yoo-hyeon tasted it.  

Korea University’s hot shooting sense continued in the match against Sungkyunkwan University on the 9th. On this day, Korea University attempted 8 3-pointers in the first quarter and only succeeded in 1, leading to 17-18. However, in the second quarter, the players of Korea University showed a different appearance. 

In the second quarter alone, Korea University finished the first half with Park Jeong-hwan, Kim Tae-hoon, Park Moo-bin, and Lee Dong-geun successively making shower 3-pointers leading 52-34. 

When Korea University made five 3-pointers in the second quarter alone, the opponent, Sungkyunkwan University, was unable to play a forward-pressing스포츠토토 defense. Afterwards, Korea University put in a large number of freshman players in the fourth quarter to finish the game. 

Under the guidance of coach Joo Hee-jung, Korea University players boast various tactics and excellent defense, maintaining their position at the top of the league. Korea University will become even more frightening if the three-point shot continues to explode. 

The next opponent of Korea University is the rival of destiny, Yonsei University. The match, scheduled for the 25th, will be held at Hwajeong Gymnasium, the home of Korea University.

In addition to Korea University, Yonsei University has not yet lost this season. I wonder what kind of game Korea University, equipped with a 3-point shot, will play against its rival, Yonsei University. 

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