“I felt the greatness of senior Yang Hyeon-jong again” Realization Lee Eui-ri gained through the best pitch

“Yang Hyeon-jong continued to consistently produce good results. Today, I felt great once more.”

KIA Tigers Eui-ri Lee started the match against Kiwoom Heroes in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Gwangju-KIA Champions Field on the 19th and made a good fight with 2 hits, 3 hits, 9 strikeouts and 1 run in 7 innings. Thanks to Lee Eui-ri’s good pitch, KIA reaped a 10-1 victory and ran for three consecutive victories.

Lee Eui-ri, who showed off the best pitching this season, harvested his 3rd win (3 losses) of the season. Moreover, in his eighth appearance, he finally got his first quality start of the season, lowering his earned run average from 스포츠토토2.87 to 2.58.

Lee Eui-ri, who met at the dugout after the game, said, “It was very helpful to catch the out count quickly. I raised the tempo and pitched aggressively, and I got a good result.”

Then Lee Eui-ri said of his first quality start this season, “I was a little anxious. But as time went on, the burden eased. I tried to start lightly little by little, so today I think it went well.”

If so, why did Lee Eui-ri feel anxious? He said, “Now that I’ve started to know baseball, I seem to have anxiety. In the past, I had the mind to ‘just pitch aggressively’, but now I felt it was difficult when playing against a batter.”

Eui-ri Lee conceded a run in the first inning, but the other line immediately exploded with 8 points and the burden disappeared. While looking back at the hot firepower of the other line, Eui-ri Lee remembered his senior Yang Hyeon-jong.

Eui-ri Lee said, “When I threw in this game, I felt that senior (Yang) Hyeon-jong was really great. Whether he scored a lot or not, there was no up-down. I had a lot of up-down, and I didn’t understand the meaning of the poker face.” There is a lot of pressure on the pitcher. However, senior Hyeonjong continued to consistently produce good results. Today, I felt great once more,” expressing his respect.

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