“I don’t know what situation I’m going to go into…” Glasses ace, only waiting for sortie

 “I don’t know what situation I’ll be in, but I’ll do my best.”

On the 25th (Korean time), Park Se-woong took the mound as a starting pitcher in a practice match against KT Wiz held at Veteran Memorial Stadium in Keno, Arizona, USA. 

Park Se-woong successfully completed his pitching inspection. He threw 3 hits and no runs in 2 innings. He recorded 32 pitches and recorded a fastball speed of 147 km/h and an average speed of 145 km/h. The curveball, slider, and forkball were checked for breaking balls.

After the game, Park Se-woong looked back at the pitch, saying, “He didn’t score, and the fastball was generally good. But I felt the slider slipping out of my hand. It was also a pity in the count fight,” he looked back at the pitch.메이저놀이터

Park Se-woong joined the national team after training at the Sangdong Stadium in the 2nd Army, not Guam, the Lotte Giants 1st camp training ground. How is his physical condition now? Park Se-woong explained, “He trained in Sangdong, but there was no major hindrance. There is no big problem in Sangdong as well as live pitching and joining the national team to play.”

Then he talked about the major league official ball and rosin. The WBC official ball is a product of Rolling Inc., the major league official ball. The surface is more slippery than the KBO league official ball. Pitchers started using major league rosin from the game that day to improve their adaptability.

Park Se-woong said, “There are things that the forkball falls out a little, but it felt like the curve and slider were pressed better than I thought.” “I tried using rosin in the second inning. It seemed the same, but as I sweated, it became more sticky. Each player has a different style, so the effect It seems to be different to receive it. I was fine.”

The national team’s pitching staff is actively sharing information with each other to analyze the opponent’s strength. Park Se-woong said, “Pitchers are studying the trajectory of their swing. And they said that there seem to be a lot of upper-swing hitters. You have to prepare accordingly.”

Park Se-woong tries to complete his mission regardless of his position in the WBC. He just waits for a sortie. Park Se-woong expressed his aspirations, saying, “The coach said, ‘If you do what you do, you will get good grades.’

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