I came to America alone, to the world stage in 10 years” Jang Hyo-joon’s dream of 20 years old

If you work hard, you can do anything, and dreams really do come true.”

Jang Hyo-joon (20) reached the top stage after 10 years of playing golf. He is also ready to leap towards the pinnacle. 먹튀검증

Jang Hyo-joon advanced to the LPGA Tour last year by finishing 10th in the money category at the Epson Tour. Jang Hyo-joon, who was thinking of going to the Q Series, skipped the hellish race thanks to her and entered the world’s best stage in women’s golf.

Hyojun Jang learned her first golf when she was 10 years old. She left Korea when she was 15. She trained at the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA), where she honed her skills on the Epson Tour. In the Epson Tour last year, excluding prize money, he ranked 8th in average at-bats (70.667), 8th in top-10 finish rate (26%), 2nd in birdies (236), 2nd in at-bats in the 60s per round (45.61%), and green He showed off his consistency by ranking 5th in Putts per GIR (1.749).

Jang Hyo-joon resolved her feelings through the LPGA Tour ahead of her new season. He said, “The dream of becoming a professional golfer came to me quite early in my life. My parents thought it would be best for me to go to America for that dream. So I went to America when I was 16.” “

There are also hardships that I went through because of my young age. Jang Hyo-jun said, “When I played for the Epson Tour, I couldn’t rent a car because I was under the age of 25, so I rented a car. Some hotels didn’t allow me to live without a guardian. So I went to a motel. I was embraced, and then my mother came to the United States and stayed with me. Her sacrifice helped me focus more on winning the LPGA Tour.”

Jang Hyo-joon, who entered the LPGA tour after many twists and turns, said that he hadn’t slept for three days. “There’s not much to celebrate in golf because you have to focus on the next thing,” he said. It took me to the world,” he said.

“This is really the beginning. I want to compete with the best golfers and see where I am. I want to focus on my work and consistently show my abilities. I want to be an example to all women. If you work hard, you can do anything. And dreams can come true.”

Following Jang Hyo-jun, Park Geum-gang (22) and Yoo Hae-ran (22) will be on the LPGA Tour this season. It is worth looking forward to the splendid shots of the rookies.

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