Hwang Seung-bin, a bird’s nest at KB Insurance, “I love the free atmosphere”

Hwang Seung-bin (31) ranked second in the V-League men’s스포츠토토 set category in the 2022-2023 season. He’s had his best season since his professional debut as our card’s main setter. In addition to the set, he was impressive in many ways, including 14th in the dig and 24th in the sub.

But he was traded. Last month, he changed his uniform one-on-one with KB Insurance’s outside hitter (left) Han Seong-jeong (26). After joining Korean Air as the 5th pick in the 1st round of the 2014-2015 season draft, he went through Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Woori Card before relocating to KB Insurance. In a recent phone call with Sports Donga, he said, “Honestly, I feel good. He said, “I am satisfied in many ways because I can train in a good environment, such as a facility.” Having participated in team training since the end of last month, he said, “It is an atmosphere where players can train happily without stress. The coaching staff is not in a constrictive atmosphere, so it is free,” he explained.

Last season’s No. 1 set Hwang Taek-eui was enlisted in the Armed Forces Sports Corps (Sangmu), and KB Insurance’s worries were alleviated. This is because Hwang Seung-bin can fill that void. However, Hwang Seung-bin did not agree with the view of ‘filling the void’. He said, “It can be seen as a replacement for (Hwang) Taek-eui, but I don’t think so. I just recruited him because the team wanted and needed me.”

Hu In-jeong, director of KB Insurance, is a strong supporter. He has high expectations but tries hard not to burden them. Hwang Seung-bin said, “He told me to just have fun. It is natural for him to work hard as a professional player, but he told me to just play volleyball happily and not to be burdened with grades.”

One of the things the setter cares about the most is breathing with foreign players, who are of absolute importance. KB Insurance’s foreign player Viyena (Spain) is a proven resource that ranked second in attack success rate last season. Hwang Seung-bin was confident, “It will take a little time, but it won’t take too long since Villena is a player who handles the ball well.”

Having played all 36 regular league games as Woori Card’s captain and main setter last season, he regretted being eliminated in the semi-playoffs the most. The burden of his grades is unavoidable. He said, “I want to do better than last season at Woori Card,” and promised, “I also want to be evaluated by those who watch me as much better than at Woori Card.”

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