High Stakes Blackjack

Blackjack is the classics of the card games. It gets its popularity both in simplicity of the rules and the opportunity of strategy using which can help you either multiply your stack of chips or at least leave you with some money at the end of the game.

Several decks, each consistent of 52 cards, are used for playing blackjack. It can be up to eight decks mixed together. The game is dealt by the dealer, who takes the cards from the shoe and deals them to each of the participants, a standard Blackjack game has 7 players gathered at the table. The goal of the players is to beat the gambling establishment represented by the dealer. To do this, you need to score an equal number or as close as possible to 21 points.

To become a master of blackjack, you need to learn to understand the value of the cards. For example, face cards (Jack, Queen, King) and a card with a ten score 10 points. The largest card (Ace) is valued at 1 or 11 points (depending on the cards it comes with, always in a favor of the player or the dealer). If an Ace is dealt with the cards that give you a total value that is more than 21, then the value of an Ace is counted as 1. Everything is clear when it comes to other cards, you get what you see meaning that their value is equal to their value. The classic version does not imply the meaning of the suit. The blackjack combination (the presence of an ace plus ten) is the best. The pay-out for blackjack is the original bet x 1.5. Let’s say players original bet was $50 and he got blackjack, which means he would get $75. Other cards that add up to 21 points are less significant. There are two ways to win in Blackjack. Either you score more points than the dealer (in this case, you need to keep within the number 21), or the dealer gets more than 21 points, which in Blackjack terminology is called “bust”. If the player has received up to 21 points inclusive, and the dealer has bust, player wins. In the opposite situation, house wins. With an equal number of points (when there is no blackjack), a draw is obtained, the money put at stake is returned to the player’s account. In the case when no one has bust, the winner is the one with the most points. 스포츠토토

It is also useful to know that dependant on the casino you choose to practice your Blackjack skills you will be meat by some house rules. The trick is in the fact that player’s decision on whether to “stand” or to “draw” is purely based on himself, but dealer’s decision is based on the guidelines of the casino. Some casinos instruct the dealer to “stand” when the value of his cards is 17, some instruct to “hit” (take another card) if it is a “soft” 17 (when one of the cards is an ace and one or more other cards totalling to six).

Although the game of Blackjack seems to be as easy as a walk in the park, if you are just a beginner it is advised to start with smaller bets before increasing them. You should give yourself the sufficient time to learn everything there is in this game and get comfortable.

As mentioned before, blackjack is the game where strategy plays a very big part. Knowing the strategy is quite crucial in order to be successful in this game. Another thing to be prepared for and keep in mind is that unlike some other games this is the game “against” the dealer. Even though this is the case, other betting players at the table can influence the whole outcome of the game. That is why it is great when you know your strategy, but it is even better when all the players follow the strategy.

Let’s get to the basics and the law of probability that is the core of the strategy in this exciting game. You already know that casinos use up to eight decks of cards per play (before reshuffling). The lowest amount of decks to be used is known to be six decks. This means that based on the amount of decks there are, you can try to figure out how many “high” cards have left the game and are still to be drawn by the dealer. There are sixteen cards with a value of 10 per each deck. This brings us to the odds of 30% that the next card that is about to be dealt by the dealer is going to have the value of 10. That is just one tip for the player to keep in mind. Now if we think about the fact how the cards are being dealt we can see that the dealer draws two face up cards per each betting player and draws two cards for himself leaving one face up and the other card hidden (it is also called a house hidden card). This basically leads us to the main blackjack strategy that advices a player to base his decision on whether to “hit” or “stand” depending on the value of dealer’s face

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