‘Hey, why are you here’…Mbappe refuses to meet with Al-Hilal officials in Paris→’I’m not going to join Real in any way’

Mbappe, who wants to move to Real Madrid, has reportedly refused to even negotiate with Al Hilal.

French outlet Footmercato reported on July 27 (local time), ‘Mbappe had already rejected Al Hilal’s offer a week ago. Al Hilal offered PSG €300 million for Mbappe’s transfer and PSG accepted the offer. PSG authorized Al Hilal to discuss a transfer with Mbappe,” but “Mbappe rejected Al Hilal’s offer from the beginning of Al Hilal’s contact with PSG.키톤토토

Al Hilal reportedly offered PSG €300 million for Mbappe, the highest transfer fee in soccer history. They also reportedly offered Mbappe a salary of €700 million per year. Al Hilal will allow Mbappe to play one season in 2023-24 and then allow him to leave if he wants to join Real Madrid. Al Hilal has prepared a satisfactory offer for Mbappe, but the player has rejected it.

Al Hilal officials recently traveled to Paris but were unable to meet with Mbappe’s representatives. Spanish outlet Marca reported that “Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid is on track. PSG are looking for alternatives in case Mbappe leaves. Mbappe will move to Real Madrid one way or another,” and “Al-Hilal officials traveled to Paris to sign PSG midfielder Verratti. Mbappe did not want to meet with the Al Hilal officials.

Mbappe is a year away from the expiration of his contract with PSG and has so far refused to renew it. PSG suspect that Mbappe is trying to sneak a deal to join Real Madrid for free after his contract expires. Faced with the prospect of losing Mbappe for nothing, PSG began the process of breaking up with him by leaving him off their Asia tour roster.

Mbappe, who has been offered an astronomical fee by Al Hilal, has been linked with a number of clubs. However, according to French outlet Agence France-Presse, “Few clubs have the financial resources to sign Mbappe. Only three European clubs can afford him. Manchester City, Newcastle United, and Real Madrid are the only clubs that can afford Mbappe’s transfer fee.

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