“Hate ruined everything” Indonesia deprived of the right to host the U-20 World Cup

Indonesia has been barred from hosting the U-20 World Cup by FIFA. It’s because of ‘Israel hatred’. Ahead of next year’s presidential and general elections, it became a problem that politicians encouraged ‘Islamism’ to secure Muslim votes카지노.

“I will kidnap players” to participate in Israel

On the 30th, FIFA issued a statement saying, “Indonesia is excluded from the host country of the 2023 U-20 World Cup.” The World Cup was scheduled to be held in six Indonesian cities from May 20 to June 11. It is the first time that the host country of an international convention has changed less than two months before the opening ceremony.

FIFA did not specify the reason, but the general analysis is that it is because of ‘religious conflict’. Israel recently finished runners-up in the European qualifiers, confirming their U-20 qualification for the first time. Since then, demands have been infested in Indonesia that “the entry of Israeli athletes should be blocked.” Powerful Islamic groups threatened to kidnap Israeli players if they entered the country.

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