Haifu and its mechanism

one of the latest face lift technologies. In hyphotherapy, the skin of the face and neck is stretched by the hypho device during one session without the need for surgery and without pain, and the process of collagen formation is performed on the 메이저사이트 skin. And this leads to facial skin rejuvenation. In fact, ultrasound waves are used in hyphotherapy, these waves are focused using highly advanced technology (using lens-like devices that can integrate sound into a focal point) at a point of the desired depth and radiates With the radiation of these waves, local heat is created at the target point, and with the penetration of these waves into the underlying tissue of destroyed old collagens, new collagens are produced. And this leads to skin rejuvenation.

This wavelength has heat. And this heat enters the SMAS (layer between muscle and fat) with a certain energy. During the following steps, HIFU rejuvenates and tightens and lifts the skin (without lifting surgery). Skin rejuvenation:

If the ultrasound radiation can create a temperature equivalent to 60 degrees Celsius in the depth of 3 mm of the skin, i.e. in the reticular dermis layer, this temperature will restore life or neosynthesis in the transformation of old and poor quality collagen and elastin. Rejuvenating effects become an active ingredient in skin rejuvenation.

This process of restoring the life of collagens and elastins (Collagen Remodelling) causes shallow facial wrinkles and creates freshness and youth in the skin. The process of rejuvenation and improvement in collagen production continues for 3 months after the HIFU process.

Face, neck and chin lift:

Normally, the SMAS muscle layer, as mentioned, is located at a depth of 4.5 mm in the skin as the base and base on which all skin layers are placed. The ultrasound waves that are generated to target the SMAS and are directed into the skin are at this depth. And inside the SMAS layer, they create concentric circular points that create a temperature equal to 70 degrees Celsius in the center of this circle. At this temperature, complex interactions take place in the SMAS organs, including muscle fibrils, which ultimately cause contraction, stiffness, and increase in the volume of the face, neck, and cheek muscles, which leads to the loss of sagging, laxity, and thinness of the muscles. will be And the stability of this non-surgical and non-invasive face rejuvenation is relatively long and its durability is up to two years.

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