Ha Tae-kyung “Byun Chang-ho Receives Death Threats for Exposing Kim Nam-guk’s Coin Scam”

On the 27th, Representative Ha Tae-kyung of the People’s스포츠토토 Power said, “Mr. Byun Chang-ho of the ‘Byun Chang-ho Coin Academy,’ who exposed various irregularities in Coinpan, including the Kim Nam-guk case, is reportedly receiving death threats from several unidentified individuals.”

“They had Byun’s phone number, home address, and workplace,” Ha said on Facebook, adding that the personal information included sensitive information that only the police or public institutions can access, such as resident registration numbers. Even national organizations are included in the suspected leak.”

A threatening message to Byun Chang-ho revealed by Rep. Ha Tae-kyung. Facebook capture by Rep. Ha Tae-kyung

“(The blackmailers) flaunted their connections to political circles and certain companies, posted kitchen knife emojis, and threatened Byun with words like ‘watch out for your wife’ and ‘I will cut off all your hands and feet and gouge out your eyes,'” he said. “We need to thoroughly investigate who is making death threats against Mr. Byun, who is a conscientious objector, and protect his physical safety so that he does not receive any threats.”

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