Gyeongin Derby’, a hotter opening game… Clash between star corps

Opening day schedule has been announced. On February 25th, the official first game of the league will be decorated with the ‘Hyundai Derby’ between Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai. And on the same day, there is one more standout match. FC Seoul and Incheon United will play the ‘Gyeongin Derby’ at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

The Gyeongin Derby is an interesting match where thrilling matches were often produced. If Seoul was the dominant trend in the past, Incheon has recently turned the tide. Now, it has established itself as an attractive game that cannot be predicted.

Seoul and Incheon had a successful transfer market 메이저사이트 ahead of the 2023 season. As of the 28th, Seoul recruited Im Sang-hyeop, Willian (on loan), Ho Sam, Kim Kyung-min, Park Soo-il, Lee Si-young, Kwon Wan-kyu, and Choi Cheol-won. Reinforcement was completed in all positions except for midfielder, and he had a thick squad.

Incheon brought Cheon Seong-hun, Jerso, Mpoku, Shin Jin-ho, Kwon Jin-jin, and Kim Yeon-su. He added weight to the offense and midfield and succeeded in making up for the departure of the center back after the end of the season.

The two teams can form a very destructive lineup when they combine their recruits and their existing strength. In Seoul, there are Ilyuchenko, Na Sang-ho, Ki Sung-yong, Go Yo-eum, Osmar, and Lee Han-beom, and in Incheon, there are Hernandez, Kim Bo-seop, Lee Myung-ju, Kim Dong-min, Delbridge, and Kim Dong-heon.

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