Goyang Carrot, will all of the unpaid wages and remaining KBL subscription fees be resolved within this month?

At the end of the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’ regular league, Goyang Carrot is at the center of the issue. This is because of the internal circumstances of the team. The club’s finances are in trouble, and the players’ wages are in arrears. Accordingly, it is of utmost interest whether or not the remainder of the subscription fee (1 billion won)스포츠토토 to be paid to KBL by the 31st of this month can be paid normally. If the remaining subscription fee is not paid by the due date, Carrot cannot participate in the playoffs (PO). This is a matter that was decided at the KBL board of directors in October last year.

In this regard, it is reported that a high-ranking official from the club recently held a separate meeting with the players. The CEO in charge of the club’s management met with the manager, coaches, and players and promised to pay all unpaid wages by the end of this month and pay the remaining KBL subscription fee normally. First of all, as the team confirmed the will of the club’s high-ranking officials, they decided to watch the situation while concentrating on preparing for the rest of the regular league games and PO.

Founded by acquiring Goyang Orion in the summer of last year, Carrot is operated by Day One Sports. Players’ wages were often paid later than the set date (the 5th of each month). This also happened in February. And that’s not all. It is known that the settlement of the amount to be paid to related companies, such as event companies, is being delayed during the season. Eventually, the payment of wages for the players in March was delayed twice, and even this failed to keep the set date. March wages are still unpaid.

Day One Sports is working hard to welcome a new owner, such as canceling the contract with Carrot Insurance, which participated as a naming sponsor, under mutual agreement. “If the season is not completed normally, there may be obstacles in the sale process,” he said, repeatedly expressing his will to finish the season as normally as possible, although it is not easy. However, many concerns are mixed in the outside view. I wonder if Day One Sports can keep its promise this time around.

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