Goodbye Teixeira… Retirement of the great ’42 year old’ champion

Glover Teixeira (43, Brazil) lost. All judges scored it 44-50. A fight for the UFC light heavyweight title. Teixeira was defeated.

announcement of retirement. Teixeira set his open finger glove down on the floor of the Octagon. He ended his 22-year career as a fighter with a total record of 33 wins and 9 losses.

It is an atmospheric specimen. Teixeira came to the United States in 1999. he was twenty He was a young man and had to take care of his family. he didn’t melt He ‘smuggled’ into the United States via Colombia → Guatemala → Mexico.

He worked more than 10 hours a day in Dunsbury, Connecticut. Around this time, he watched Mike Tyson’s boxing match. He also watched the UFC fight between Hois Gracie and Chuck Liddell. He fell in love with martial arts. I have a new dream. The dream of becoming a professional fighter. I trained while sleeping.

Liddell’s trainer, John Hackleman, recognized his talent. Liddell was selected as a training partner. He sweated in Hackleman’s team ‘The Pit’.

Having made his fighter debut at the age of twenty-three, Teixeira started mediocre, going 2-2 in his first four fights. He changed after that. Crush. He went on a 15-fight winning streak and entered the biggest event in the world, the UFC, 10 years after his debut.

In his octagonal ring, he was victorious with his ‘stone fist’, but the reality outside his ring was harsh. He went through twists and turns.

It was in December 2006, when UFC parent company Zuffa took over WEC, where Teixeira was active. Paperwork revealed that he was an illegal immigrant. Tightened immigration laws following the September 11 attacks in 2001 strangled Teixeira.

There was no way. I returned to Brazil in 2008. He had to go through the formalities properly in his home country and obtain a green card in the United States. Teixeira continued her fighting career in Brazil, away from her family.

In her United States, her wife, Ingrid Peterson, sold her feet here and there to help her husband get a green card. she was just fine Lawyers’ fees are paid according to their fees, but results have been low. Three years passed without incident. Only at the end of 2011 Teixeira returned to her family. After obtaining permanent residency, he immediately opened the gates of the Octagon.

He then knocked out Kyle Kingsbury, Quinton Jackson, James Te Huna and Ryan Bader to receive a challenge for the light heavyweight title. In April 2014 he fought champion Jon Jones. unanimous decision. Did he say that he did not practice fire (禍不單行)? Half a year later, he lost to Phil Davis by decision. As he fell into the swamp of losing streak for the first time in his life, the fighter’s journey, which had been a silky road, suddenly turned into a thorny road.

Even though he was invincible in the ring, the UFC was tricky. The 3-0 loss to Corey Anderson in July 2018 was the biggest crisis of his career. Including this match, he only won two of his five matches. He was also KO’d twice. He was thirty-eight years old.

It wouldn’t be strange for Joe Rogan to take over the microphone and say ‘thank you so far’. In fact, starting from this match, the Teixeira fight was filled with the ‘livelihood type’ food. 카지노

Nevertheless, Teixeira continued to fight for survival in silence. Is his anger a blessing? The pinnacle of his career came to him through this period. After racking up five consecutive victories, he secured his second title challenge in seven years. The old man who passed the bulhog-eul came back blowing dust.

In October 2021, he roared after holding Jan Vlakovic with a rear-naked choke. Light heavyweight championship belt wrapped around his waist. Age of 42 years and 2 days. It was the birth of the second oldest champion in UFC history, after Randy Couture, who dominated the heavyweight division at the age of 45.

Everyone expected a strong Blakovich. Teixeira landed uppercuts on them all. At the underdog rebellion, the crowd went wild and the veterans wept. It took 19 years to reach the top of the world.

In the UFC, where champions in their 30s are plentiful, the strongest man in his 40s stood tall like an angular stone, exclaiming, “I played for everyone’s dreams.” British betting site Bet365 called it “the greatest story in UFC history.” It was the pinnacle of Teixeira’s drama.

On the 21st, Teixeira kept his dignity until the end of his retirement. Whether he was wearing an open finger glove or holding a microphone, he was a dignified veteran. He encouraged Jama Hill Hill (31, USA), who defeated him in his hometown of Brazil and became the new champion, and even comforted the fans of his country, saying, “Please don’t throw garbage.”

He added, “I will help his teammate Alex Pereira (35, Brazil) challenge for the light heavyweight title.” Now, he is concentrating on coaching juniors born in 1987 who are the same age as him. The career of ‘helper Teixeira’, which will be located next to the stairs extending through the barbed wire, also raises expectations.

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