Frédéric Caudron, who left the PBA, was named for the European team competition held on the 24th.

Will Frederique Caudron (53), who left the domestic professional billiards PBA, stand on the international stage again?

According to Kozoom, a multimedia company specializing in French billiards, Coudron was named on the team list for the ‘Kozoom League’, a premier club league held in the Netherlands starting on the 24th.

This competition is a league sponsored by KOZOOM and is a European team competition consisting of a total of 12 teams, and international powerhouses such as world number one Dick Jaspers (Netherlands) and Eddie Max (Belgium) will participate. Last year, SIS Schoonmaak, with Jaspers and Eddie Marx, won the championship.스포츠토토

Kozum said, “SIS Schoonmark, the ‘defending champion’ team in the league, is expected to increase the participation of Dick Jaspers, the world’s No. 1 player this year,” and added, “Frederick Coudron has returned to Dallinga in the Netherlands to participate in the league.” “It was reported.

Caudron’s exact game appearance and schedule upon returning to the European league have not yet been confirmed. According to the International Billiards Union (UMB), if the Belgian national leaves the PBA, the period of suspension is set at October 31. However, it is known that the Belgian Billiards Federation, Coudron’s home country, does not accept UMB’s policy.

In addition, Coudron withdrew from the Belgian Billiards Federation when he transferred to the PBA in the 2019-20 season, and is not a member of the European Billiards Confederation (CEB), which follows UMB’s policy, so it is expected that there will be no major restrictions on his participation in the Dutch league.

Frédéric Caudron, who had previously been active in the PBA for about five seasons as the captain of Welcome Savings Bank, left the domestic league last July, announcing the breakdown of negotiations on contract terms for participation in the PBA Tour and team league. The news of Caudron’s departure, who accounted for a huge share of the PBA’s success, was disappointing to many billiards fans.

Coudron’s last PBA game appearance was the second individual tour (Silk Road Ansan Championship) held on the 10th of the same month. Coudron won the championship at the time, but due to an incident in which Mr. A, a civilian man impersonating the manager of Throng Piavi (Blue One Resort), broke into the press conference room and started a fight, and the contract with the sponsor, Kimchi Billiard (CEO Jong-yul Kim), was lost. I left the country because of this.

Meanwhile, the first round of the Kozoom League will begin at 1pm local time (8pm Korean time) on the 24th. The competition will be broadcast live on Kozoom’s official site.

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