“For the first time in Naples history, it is certain that there are at least two candidates for the Ballon d’Or”… And Kim Min-jae?

 Napoli, a team belonging to Kim Min-jae, who virtually confirmed Italy’s Serie A title in 33 years, is expected to write another history.

It is the first time in history to produce more than two candidates for the French football’Ballon d’Or. Journalist Gianmarco Giordano, who delivers news from Naples, announced this analysis through his social media.

“Napoli are almost certain to have more than two names out of 30 Ballon d’Or candidates,” he said. “This is the first time in club history.” Giordano is known as a reporter who is well-versed in Naples news, such as Naples announcing the promotion of Kim Min-jae and Kvarazhelia in April of last year.

Napoli has never produced a Ballon d’Or winner at all. He won Serie A in two seasons, 1986/87 and 1989/90, with Diego Maradona at the forefront, but at that time, only European footballers playing in European clubs were eligible for the awardㅋㅋㅋ벳, so he, who is from Argentina, could not qualify for the nomination at all.

Then, from 1995, the door was opened to all players playing in European clubs, regardless of player nationality, but at the time, Napoli was at a time when the club was in serious crisis due to financial problems.

In the 2010s, even when we were runner-up in Serie A 4 times and 3 times in 3rd place, it was fortunate to have one candidate from time to time. Gonzalo Higuaín (Argentina) in 2016, Dris Mertens (Belgium) in 2017, and Kalidou Coulibaly (Senegal) in 2019 were named, so Higuaín and Mertens received 0 points and Koulibaly got 2 points.

This time, they are expecting to win the Serie A championship and the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League by making multiple candidates and getting a lot of points.

In the case of ‘Ballon d’Or’, the awards ceremony is held between October and November, and even if the candidate transfers in the summer transfer market, both the club before the transfer and the club after the transfer are indicated.

For now, the players Giordano is certain to be on the 30-man list are Victor Osimen and Hvica Kvarachhelia. O Simen has made a name for himself this year as he is almost guaranteed to be the top scorer in Serie A. Kvarachhelia is a winger who has emerged like Cinderella after winning the Serie A Player of the Month three times.

However, fans predict that 3-4 people are possible. The names of defender Kim Min-jae and midfielder Stanislav Robotka are also mentioned.

Napoli’s victory is an opportunity to pay attention to the Ballon d’Or awards ceremony, which had nothing to do with it.

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