For the first time in his life, Oh Se-geun appeared on a current affairs program

For the first time in his life, Se-geun Oh, the MVP of the professional basketball championship, appeared on a current affairs program, KBS.

As the best player with 4 championships and 3 championship MVPs, he was also eloquent.

This is reporter Moon Young-gyu’s report.


Oh Se-geun, who has experienced many broadcasts and interviews as a star player, is not nervous even before his live broadcast.

[Soundbite] Oh Se-geun/스포츠토토Ginseng Corporation : “I’m not nervous at all. I keep saying the same thing too many times (it’s hard).”] It’s the first time I’ve

appeared on a current affairs program.

[Oh Se-geun: “I’d like to talk to you in a fun way, but I don’t have any interesting questions (there aren’t many). (Are the questions too hard?)”] He

also made good use of the broadcast, and delivered a meaningful message as he was about to sign an FA contract.

[Soundbite] Oh Se-geun(Ginseng Corporation) : “If I stay here (Ginseng Corporation), I think I can work even harder for the rest of my career as a player. I hope you treat me well.

[Soundbite] Oh Se-geun(Ginseng Corporation) : “In Game 6, we had 15 points until the 3rd quarter, but it was like a watershed moment when we won by changing players and turning around while fighting hard.”] Today, broadcasting and basketball have become veterans

. After all, he made Oh Se-geun of

[Soundbite] Oh Se-geun/Ginseng Corporation : “One thing, I will not give up and I will survive until the end. And one thing, I will become the best player. I started playing basketball with these two promises (with my parents), and I’ve finally come to this place.”] KBS News Moon Yeong-

gyu no see.

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