Football Betting

When selecting my picks for soccer betting, I like to arm myself with the most up-to-date knowledge available. One of the many techniques I use when considering a team to place a bet on is to read the fan forums on the club’s website or in many cases the fan’s website itself. This is an invaluable source of information.

Many of these fans go and watch their team every week and important news about the team and valuable opinion about the team’s performance in past matches can be found in these forums. Injuries to key players will most likely be posted on these forums first and more often than not discussions will take place as to how this will affect the team’s performance in the next game.

As these fans spend their hard earned money to go and watch the games on a weekly basis their opinion on how the teams are playing can prove invaluable and reading what they have to say can be a good barometer when deciding which team to bet on.

A good example to use is lets say Team A played Team B last week and Team B won the match two to zero. This week Team A is playing against Team C and we see this game as a possible option in our betting. Now it seems that Team B has a very comprehensive victory over Team A. But after reading the Team A fan forum, we read a post from a fan who was in a match with Team B. It seems that Team A has lost their most influential player after   minutes and a bad refereeing decision led to the first goal. The second goal was only scored in injury time at the end of the match as Team A pushed hard for an equaliser. 온라인카지노

After reading this post, we were able to gauge that Team A was most unlucky and instead of brushing it out of our minds we can now consider it an option for our bets. While they were beaten twice to nil by Team B in their previous clashes and on the surface this appears to be a comprehensive win, closer inspection shows that this was not the case.

Betting (well, professional betting at least) is all about beating the odds. You have to be good at math and know the ‘sure thing’ when you look at it. You also have to let go of emotional attachment to certain things and make decisions based on logic (this means not going out with your guy or getting upset). Play to win but know that sometimes you will lose. People love to play poker because if you are good you can often beat the odds.

Sports betting is different. With sports betting (and with football betting in particular) you have to know good odds when you see them, but you also have to know the teams and you have to be able to predict patterns in play (such as when a team will go on a winning run). There are many things that can affect this (such as players recovering from injury, the team’s star striker who is in top form and whether the team’s opponents are playing well at the moment).

The main drawback of most bookies is that they only ever see results, which is natural considering they are in the results business. However, many bookies may not fully know the ins and outs of the game, and the ins and outs that come with it. My point is that it is useful to know about football tactics – which teams play with tactics and what works well against what. It is also useful to know how a team plays differently whether they are home or away. With this information you can hopefully beat the bookies!

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