‘First 800 goals, first 500 assists’ man… I lost weight and threw it away from my age

If you type the name ‘Jeong Soo-young’ on the Internet portal site Naver, information about 25 people will come out. Among them, there is no handball player Jeong Su-young (38, Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation). However, Jeong Su-yeong is a player who has engraved her name more clearly than anyone else in the history of the SK Handball Korea League, which was launched in 2011.

On the 4th of last month, Jung Soo-young conquered the 500th assist hill for the first time in the men’s handball league history, and on the 1st of this month, he surpassed the record of 800 goals for the first time in the league. As of the 13th, with one game left until the end of the season, Jeong Su-young has recorded a total of 812 goals and 549 assists.스포츠토토 Both are the highest records in handball league history. Jeong Su-yeong, who we met on the 11th at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon, the team’s training ground, said, “Since I played without any major injuries, I think I’ve been honored with the first and best titles.”

Jeong Su-young is also ranked 1st in assists (120) and 3rd in goals (123 goals) this season. The total playing time (18 hours 50 minutes 32 seconds) is also the longest in the league. All assists, goals, and playing time are personal ‘career high’ records. Jeong Su-young is aiming for the MVP again in 12 years after becoming the league’s first MVP.

The secret to Jung Su-young’s MVP competition with juniors who are more than the same age as Kim Dong-wook (26, Doosan), Shin Jae-seop (24, Hanam City Hall) and Lee Joseph (25, managing director) is ‘diet’. Jeong Su-young said, “I reduced his weight from 85 kg last season to 78 kg. His body fat percentage, which was 15%, has halved to 7.5%,” he said.

He said, “On the day of the game, instead of eating only protein, I eat one meal on Saturday evening after the whole week’s game as ‘cheating day’ and eat whatever I want to eat.” There are times when you feel sad, but at least if you are ‘active’, I think you should always prepare to be the best regardless of your age.”

Jeong Su-yeong will step on the court in the next season when she is a year older, but all records may be zero with the start of the new season. This is because the current semi-professional handball league will change to a pro league from next season. The Korea Handball Association is contemplating whether or not to continue recognizing records in the handball league ahead of professionalization. Jeong Su-young said, “If the record continues, I want to challenge for 1,000 goals in my career. Even if it’s not, it’s okay because becoming a pro is a meaningful thing,” he said with a smile.

Thanks to Jeong Su-young’s performance, Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation is also continuing its challenge to win. Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation (23 points) is currently in third place, one point behind the second-place Hanam City Hall. In the handball league, the 2nd place plays a playoff (PO, 2 wins in 3 matches) with the 3rd place team with one win. Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation must first defeat Chungnam Provincial Office in the final game of the regular season to be held on the 15th so that it can aim for second place. The PO winner will play the championship match (2 wins in 3 games) with Doosan (29 points) for the last championship trophy in the handball league. Jeong Su-young said, “I was motivated by the way Korea Expressway Corporation overcame 0% odds and became the champion in the women’s professional volleyball division. She wants to decorate the last page of the handball league nicely,” she said.

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