‘Finding hope in a losing streak’ Pepper Savings Bank vs ‘Yang Hyo-jin’s absence’ Hyundai E&C

Pepper Savings Bank and Hyundai E&C will face off in the third round. The two teams will start the match at the Gwangju Pepper Stadium at 4:00 pm on the 18th.

The home team, Pepper Savings Bank, has been on a 14-game losing streak since opening. ranking is the lowest. The visiting team, Hyundai E&C, has been leading the league with 13 consecutive victories since the opening. It is a meeting of extremes.

The confrontation between the two teams this season was also a victory for Hyundai E&C. The first round match on October 28th ended 3-1, and the second round match on November 16th ended 3-0. In the first round, Pepper Savings Bank performed well, and in the second round, Hyundai E&C won.

There is a variable in today’s match. Hyundai E&C is unable to step forward with its main middle blocker Yang Hyo-jin due to the confirmation of ‘Corona 19’. It is a two-game absence in a row following the previous absence against GS Caltex. A club official confirmed that the rest of the players could play without any problems.

For Hyundai E&C, the team’s main scorers are Yasmin and Yang Hyojin. I have overpowered my opponent with these two options. However, in the last GS Caltex game where Yang Hyo-jin was missing, Hyundai E&C gave up the first set, but after that, it gained strength. And came out of the crisis and won.

This means that Hyundai E&C players remember with their bodies how to win in difficult situations. There may be fatigue from winning streaks, but it’s accumulated from last season, so it doesn’t play a big role. I am concentrating on one game.

Hyundai E&C replaced Yang Hyo-jin’s vacant position with Na Hyeon-soo, showing good moves. Siyoung Chung is also preparing to participate. Overall, the composition of players who support the back is also a good Hyundai E&C.

Pepper Savings Bank suffered a lethargic 0-3 defeat in the KGC Ginseng Corporation match on the 14th. The situation of winning six consecutive sets was also stopped.

In order to win, three sets must be accompanied. Although Pepper Savings Bank’s victory has been delayed compared to last season, it has definitely made progress in taking steps through the process of winning the set. However, the ability to continue the flow of winning a set does not come easily. This part will take time.

Today’s match may be a little easier for Pepper Savings Bank. When dealing with Hyundai E&C, it is difficult to block both Yasmine’s big attack and Yang Hyo-jin’s time delay attack, but today, if we prepare for Yasmine’s attack thoroughly, we can open a close fight. 메이저사이트

However, you need to pay attention to Hwang Min-kyung’s mark. From the perspective of Pepper Savings Bank, which has low side-blocking, the checks and controls against Hwang Min-kyung’s sharp attacks must also be carried out efficiently.

In recent volleyball, both the men’s and women’s divisions are obscured by the basic winning and losing framework in serving and sub-receiving. Pepper Savings Bank needs to reduce the number of servings. Concentration is key, especially when using a serve that spans the line or a target hit.

The game starts at 4pm. It is the third round match between Pepper Savings Bank, which is trying to end its losing streak, and Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which is trying to continue its winning streak. The ball is round. You can win only when you are humble in front of the ball. Looking forward to a great match.