Figure skating Seo Min-gyu, Junior GP leader… 3rd Korean male athlete

 Seo Min-gyu (16, Kyungshin Middle School) became the third Korean male singles player to win the International Skating Union (ISU) Junior Grand Prix.

Seo Min-gyu received 155.63 points, including 77.04 technical points (TES) and 78.59 artistic points (PCS), in the men’s single free skating at the 2023-2024 ISU Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix 3rd competition held in Turkye Istanbul on the 9th (Korean time). .

Seo Min-gyu, who received a total score of 231.30 points, including the short program score of 75.67 points, beat Japan’s Rio Nakata (222.35 points) by 8.95 points to take the top spot.

Seo Min-gyu set personal best scores in the short program, free skating, and total score at this competition.

In particular, he raised his personal best total score of 209.59 points last year by 21.71 points.

Seo Min-gyu is the third Korean male singles player to win the Junior Grand Prix.

Lee Jun-hyung won a gold medal in an ISU-sanctioned international competition, becoming the first Korean male singles player to do so in the first round of the Junior Grand Prix of the 2014-2015 season in August 2014.

The next one was Cha Jun-hwan. Cha Jun-hwan won gold medals in succession in the 3rd and 7th competitions of the Junior Grand Prix in the 2016-2017 season.

Since then, no Korean male singles player has won the Junior Grand Prix, but Seo Min-gyu took the title for the first time in seven years.

Although Seo Min-gyu did not attempt a quadruple jump, he performed all elements perfectly and succeeded in winning the gold medal.

Seo Min-gyu neatly performed the triple axel, which goes around three and a half laps, earning a base score of 8.00 and a performance score (GOE) of 1.37. He then performed the triple flip-triple toe loop combination jump without any mistakes.토토사이트

Seo Min-gyu, who also performed the double axel-triple toe loop combination jump without mistakes, handled the flying camel spin at level 4, the highest level of difficulty. After continuing the performance with the Correo sequence, he also performed the Change Foot Combination Spin at level 4.

Seo Min-gyu showed a perfect performance even in the second half, where 10% extra points were given.

He performed a triple loop, triple lutz, and triple flip cleanly, as well as a triple salchow-double axel sequence jump.

Seo Min-gyu finished his performance by performing a change foot sit spin at level 4.

Seo Min-gyu showed his potential by placing 3rd and 4th in the two Junior Grand Prix competitions last season, respectively.

Although he only placed 5th in the first round of this season’s Junior Grand Prix held at the end of last month, he achieved a gold medal in this competition.

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