Expectant slugger who will save the advantage of Rapac, “I feel good about the post-Jaeil Oh evaluation…”

Through the 2021 KBO Rookie Draft, Samsung has nominated hitters with high growth potential who can take advantage of the home field.

Right-handed and left-handed infielder Oh Hyun-seok from the 3rd round is also the same. Oh Hyun-seok, a graduate of Ansan Technical High School, recorded a batting average of 3.54 (34 hits in 96 at-bats), 1 home run, 18 RBIs, 14 runs, and an OPS of 0.970 in 32 high school games, based on his excellent hardware, with a height of 183 cm and a weight of 99 kg.

Having played first base and corner outfield in high school, he has been playing first base since his professional debut. The expectations placed on him within the club are so different that he is called ‘Post Oh Jae-il’. As of the 23rd, he has played 74 games for the Futures and has a batting average of 1.9 3 (44 hits in 228 at-bats), 2 home runs, 36 RBIs and 20 runs.

When asked Hyun-seok Oh to introduce his strengths, he said, “I am confident in my strength (to produce long hits). It is important to improve accuracy to make use of my strengths, so Park Han-yi is learning hard from hitting coach. receiving,” he said.

Regarding the evaluation of ‘post Oh Jae-il’, he said, “I’ve been a fan since you were at Doosan. Every time I hear the word ‘post Oh Jae-il’, I feel good, but there are still many things I lack. To become a great player like you, you have to work really hard. do,” he stressed.

Then, “When senior Oh Jae-il was at Futures, he gave me a lot of advice on technical aspects such as batting and defense, as well as the mindset to have as a player. I always pay attention not to forget the parts that senior Oh Jae-il, who I consider my role model, told me.” added.

Oh Hyun-seok showed the bat he received from Oh Jae-il and said, “It’s a bat given to me by a senior, and I’m using it when I play. It’s really good.” Rumor has it that he is giving up pampering because he is afraid it will break.메이저놀이터

He has the advantage of being able to focus only on baseball by completing his military service early. After working as a cook (full-time reserve) at the executive restaurant of the Capital Defense Command, he has been preparing for his comeback by building up his body through crossfit and weight training after work and doing technical training at his alma mater. He confessed, “I became more desperate to return to baseball as soon as possible while watching the TV broadcast.”

Oh Hyun-seok had a new feeling while playing at Daegu Samsung Lions Park during the Futures Summer League. “I really liked the baseball field. Fans came and cheered me on, which gave me more energy. It was an opportunity to feel once again that I had to do really well”. Hyunseok Oh says:

Wearing the number 103, he is a foster player. For him to step on the stage of the first team, becoming a full-time player is a priority. Watching his teammates at Futures wear double-digit jersey numbers on the first team stage, he tightened his spikes. Oh Hyun-seok concluded the interview by revealing his wish, “I want to learn hard at Futures this season and show a good performance on the first team stage next year.”

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