‘Exhibition game absence’ KIA Na Seong-beom missed… KBO League Opening Day Entry Announcement ’14 Rookies’ 

KBO announced the first team entry for the opening game.

The KBO League will be held at 14:00 on the 1st of next month at SSG-KIA (Incheon), Doosan-Lotte (Jamsil), Kiwoom-Hanhwa (Gocheok)온라인바카라, KT-LG (Suwon), and Samsung-NC (Daegu) at the same time for the 2023 season pennant race. open the door The top teams in the 2021 season will play their home games in the opening two-game series.

One day before the opening game, the first team entry was announced. It is noteworthy that 14 newcomers were included. The main characters are Youngjin Song and Roun Lee of SSG, Gunhee Kim and Dongheon Kim of Kiwoom, Seungwon Lee, Myeonggeun Park of LG, Hyunin Ryu and Minseok Son of KT, Dogyu Kwak of KIA, Hoseong Lee of Samsung, Jinha Lee and Taeyeon Lee of Lotte, Minseok Kim, and Hyunbin Moon of Hanwha.

There are players who cannot be seen in the opening game due to injuries. KIA Na Seong-beom is a representative example. Na Seong-beom participated in the all-round game in succession in 2021 and 2022, but his calf was not good from the WBC tournament, so he ended up taking a break from the opening game of this season.

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