Even in the team, “gritch!” Will it be showcased…Semi Seiginer confirmed for PBA

The wind of big ‘big players’ is blowing in the PBA.

On the 25th, the Professional Billiards Association (hereinafter referred to as the PBA) said, “Semi Seiginer (58), who is ranked 10th in the world, has finally passed the PBA tour priority registration. He plans to play an active part in the PBA stage of professional billiards.”

Seiginer, the ‘Turkeye Prince’, who has thorough self-management and skills, has risen to the ranks of sports heroes in his country as a top 3-cushion player. After reaching the top in the 1994 3-Cushion World Cup for the first time, he became the first Turkiye to win the 2003 World Billiards Federation (UMB) 3-Cushion Championship. He also made a record of 7 career wins through 2021, the most recent. He has also been runner-up seven times, and in 2022 he led Turkiye to the top for the third consecutive year at the World Team 3 Cushion Championship. 

Every time he goes to his friendly matches in Korea, he even laughs with fluent Korean, such as ‘gruch (that’s right)’, ‘shit’, and스포츠토토 ‘not right’. He has many Korean fans due to his outstanding art skills and outstanding star quality. His trip to the PBA has become a hot topic among PBA fans along with the PBA registration of ‘Four Kings’ Daniel Sanchez. 

On the 26th, an official who spoke to the magazine said, “As Seiginer passed the final registration, the probability of joining the team league in the 23-24 season with Sanchez is very high.” You can have 1 player each, and you can have 2 players (Saginer,  

According to this magazine’s coverage, about 10 to 12 new PBA players are coming in, and about 5 to 6 players, including Han Ji-eun, are coming in to LPBA. The Team League Draft will be held at the end of May. The composition will be slightly different depending on how the existing clubs, which have received mid-lower grades, tie protected players. According to the current PBA team league draft rules, each team can have more than three protected players.

Seiginer, who joined the PBA, said, “I naturally set my sights on the PBA Tour stage while watching the performances of Turkiye players active in the PBA.” I will do my best to prepare to reach the top,” he said.

PBA, which completed priority registration on the 20th, has selected successful candidates through the Games Committee. On the 28th, the official list of new PBA players will be announced after the final registration.

The PBA will start preparing for the next season in earnest, starting with the PBA Q-School, which will be held on May 7th.  

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