Even if the stock price soars, the company says “I don’t know the reason”… “We need to stop the void” growing voice

The Korea Exchange demands ‘inquiry disclosure’ when

stock prices fluctuate, and inaccurate information abounds, but the company says, “There are no important disclosures.” On the 19th, the Korea Exchange, which judged that Ewha Industrial’s stock price had risen exceptionally, requested an inquiry disclosure from Ewha Industrial. It was asked to clarify whether there are managerial factors that could affect stock prices.

The stock price rose the next day even though the exchange requested disclosure of inquiry. The stock price, which was 15,300 won on the 17th, exceeded 30,000 won on the 20th, soaring more than 100% in three days. In a public disclosure response released after the market closed on the 20th, Ewha Industrial said, “We carefully reviewed the presence or absence of important information, but there are no important disclosures due to current or confirmed disclosure regulations.” On the 21st, the day after the company’s answer came out, the stock price exceeded 40,000 won during the day.

In the securities industry, it is speculated that the rise in Ewha Industrial’s stock price was influenced by the rapid rise of Ewha Group. As Ewha Electric, which produces power supplies and transformers, surged thanks to the secondary battery theme craze, stock prices of EID and Etron, affiliates of Ewha Group, also showed strength메이저놀이터. Some investors saw Ewha Industrial as an affiliate of Ewha Group and invested It was analyzed that it came out.

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This is what you can find out right away by searching the company name on the portal. This is because such information is actively circulating through various communities and social media as well as the media, and eventually affects stock prices.

However, if you are looking for an electronic disclosure system that discloses listed company information most accurately, it is highly likely that it will be difficult to check these details. This is because, even when the exchange requests the company to disclose inquiries, the company often responds that it has no important information to disclose. There are not a few cases where rapid stock price fluctuations continue even after the natural exchange’s inquiry and disclosure request and the company’s response to disclosure. The reason why the exchange requires inquiry disclosure is to protect investors, and this is the reason why it is pointed out that the inquiry disclosure system is not playing its role.

The same goes for Samhwa Electronics. Samhwa Electronics started to rise sharply on the 24th of last month, and its stock price, which was around 3,000 won on the 24th, exceeded 13,000 won at the beginning of this month. On the 2nd of this month, the exchange requested disclosure of significant changes in market conditions, and on the 3rd, Samhwa Electronics replied that “there is no subject of important disclosure,” but on the 4th, the price rose again to the limit.

It is analyzed that the sharp rise in stock prices of Samwha Electronics is due to growing interest in ferrite (permanent magnet) that can replace rare earth elements. Samhwa Electronics is a company with ferrite core as its core business, and recently, stocks tied to ferrite-themed stocks have been strong in the stock market.

The problem is that it is difficult to sufficiently include this information in the disclosure of the inquiry of the exchange. Companies that have been requested to make inquiry disclosures from the Exchange must submit information that corresponds to ▲ items that have already been disclosed within the past month, ▲ contents to be promoted within the next month, ▲ disclosure of progress and other important data for judgment ▲ and other matters to be referred to in making investment decisions. answer in detail whether However, it means that there is no need to explain the case of irrational fluctuations in the stock market under a certain theme.

Among investors, there is a growing voice that there should be an active role in inquiry disclosure. The requirement for inquiry disclosure is for the exchange to ask the company instead of important management matters that investors are curious about, but this effect is not great with the current system.

An official from the securities industry said, “Instead of mechanical answers, listing the causes of stock price fluctuations identified by the company’s IR manager and attaching objective evidence for them could provide more beneficial information to investors.” As the impact of inaccurate information circulated through stock prices increases, the role of disclosure must be strengthened.”

For example, in the case of Ewha Industrial or Samhwa Electronics, whose stock prices have soared, through media or online searches, if it is confirmed that there are many investors who misunderstand them as affiliates of the Ewha Group or that they are involved in ferrite-themed stocks, “a company that has nothing to do with Ewha Electric, whose stock price has recently soared. ” or “The ferrite core business is in progress, but it has been in the red for several years, so please pay attention to investment.”

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