Even a new student can’t live

In 1988, Fujitsu-bae and Ing-ssi-bae held the first tournament in turn. Baduk crossed the fence of one country and gathered for the first time under the name of a world competition. In 1996, Samsung Fire & Marine Plantation and LG Pear started out side by side. The world’s No스포츠토토. 1 Fujitsu pear ended in 2011 with the 24th. During the first 10 years of the Fujitsu Cup, the Japanese national team won six championships. In the 2000s, only one Japanese player reached the final. I had to put my hands together and bow my head to Korean Go, which won 10 consecutive championships. The world competitions that started in the 2000s generally did not last long. The Mongbaek Habitat, which was created in 2013, only set the date for the finals of the 5th competition this year, and the other 7 competitions were closed after the 4th inning at the most. In 2023, the Nanga Cup World Championship was held in China. Who will win the 1st tournament? From the 14th, the third round of the finals will be held. If Shin Jin-seo defeats China’s third-placed Gu Zi-hao, the number of world championships will increase to five.If white moving in the black pattern lives, you win, and if you catch it, you lose. AI Katago is difficult to live with. White Hongseok extends to Black 35 and shows no gaps. <Picture 1> If you spread to white 1, you stab black 6. <Picture 2> White has no place to pay another house until Black 10.

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