‘ERA 0.00vs11.17’ TB ‘Opening 14 consecutive wins’ is a must-have?

An extreme confrontation unfolds. The Tampa Bay Rays, who have won 13 consecutive wins in the opening game, will challenge a new major league record in a confrontation with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Tampa Bay will play an away game against Toronto on the 15th (hereinafter Korean time) at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This is the first meeting between the two teams this season. It is also a challenge game for Tampa Bay’s opening 14th consecutive win. The 14 consecutive wins in the opening season is a new major league record.

This game is expected to attract a lot of interest. On this day, Tampa Bay will feature Drew Rasmussen (28) and Toronto will feature Jose Berrios (29) as their starting pitchers.

Berrios has a longer major league career. Also, Berrios is a pitcher who signed a 7-year, $131 million contract with Toronto. In terms of reputation, Berrios is clearly ahead.

However, there is no comparison in his recent performance or current momentum. While Rasmussen is posting a 0.00 ERA this season, Berrios is sitting at 11.17.

Also, while Rasmussen posted an ERA of 2.84 in 28 games last year, Berrios stayed at 5.23. Only in terms of popularity, Berrios is leading the way.

Of course, the starting pitcher’s previous record doesn’t determine everything in winning or losing. Also, Berrios may fight well. Therefore, the result of this match is more awaited.

However, Tampa Bay’s current momentum is very fierce. In the game against the Boston Red Sox on the 14th, they were trailing 1-3 until the middle of the game토스카지노, but they showed their concentration in the 5th inning and won 9-3 come-from-behind.

The first confrontation of this season between Tampa Bay and Toronto, which may write a new history of winning streaks after the opening of the major leagues, will be played at 8:07 am on the 15th.

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