Early summer skies and the East Sea are blue… 31 degrees in Gangneung tomorrow.

Early summer weather is expected to continue on Sunday, the 4th, with temperatures rising to the mid-30s.

“Tomorrow will be mostly sunny across the country스포츠토토, but inland and mountainous areas in northern Gyeonggi and northern Gangwon will have occasional clouds and showers in the afternoon,” the Korea Meteorological Administration said on Wednesday. The expected precipitation for the showers is expected to be within 5 millimeters. Morning lows were forecast to be 12 to 19 degrees and daytime highs to be 23 to 31 degrees. Gangneung and Miryang were expected to reach 31 degrees, Yangsan, Daegu 30 degrees, Sokcho, Gyeongju 29 degrees, Sejong, Daejeon 28 degrees, and Busan, Seoul 27 degrees.

The six-day Jinggumdari holiday is expected to bring mostly sunny early summer weather. “For the time being, daytime temperatures will rise to around 30 degrees, mainly in the inland and east coast,” the Korea Meteorological Administration said. The sun is expected to be strong in most parts of the country, with the UV index reaching “very high” levels.

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