“Don’t go with a cheap phone ~ I’ll cut the 5G fee” 

SK Telecom offers a 20,000 won discount on the online-only rate plan for six months. 48,000 won per month , 110GB (5Mbps speed limit when exhausted) rate plan is discounted by 20,000 won for 6 months and provided at 28,000 won.

Such an openly discounted event is unusual. As the departure from cheap phones accelerated, it seems that such benefits were offered as a countermeasure.

Recently, a great movement is taking place as budget phone companies are releasing ‘0 won rate plans’ one after another. Users who are interested in the product that sells a rate plan of tens of thousands of won for several months at 0 won are concentrated. Last month, nearly 120,000 users moved from three telecommunication companies to cheap phones. The total number portability also increased by 84.6% compared to the same month last year.

Since the general rate plan has a high price range and contracts are often involved, it is a counterproductive price with a discount on the online rate plan, which is a non-contract product.

Of course, even with discounts, it is difficult to win in price competition. However, it is a strategy to compete with benefits such as discounts on memberships and watch/tablet charges provided by mobile carriers.

SKT , 20,000 won discount per month for 6 months if you sign up with USIM
SK Telecom is holding a 20,000 won discount event for the month of June for those who sign up for the ‘Direct’ online-only rate plan with USIM .

Specifically, it is for those who have purchased a USIM card at T Direct Shop and have subscribed or ported their number. E-SIM ( eSIM ) self-opener is also possible.

The event is to provide Naver Pay points of 20,000 won for 6 months on the condition that the benefit plan is maintained for 6 months. If you pay with Naver Pay points, you can see the effect of receiving a discount for six months.

In 5G, ▲ 48,000 won · 110GB (speed limit 5Mbps) ▲ 55,000 won · 250GB (speed limit 5Mbps) ▲ 62,000 won · unlimited ▲ 69,000 won · unlimited. In LTE, only 48,000 won · 100GB (speed limit 5Mbps) is available.

The youth direct rate plan recently introduced by SK Telecom provides the same benefits. All 5G plans ▲48,000 won 160GB (speed limit 5Mbps) ▲55,000 won 300GB(Speed ​​limit 5Mbps) ▲ 62,000 won · Unlimited ▲ 69,000 won · Unlimited.

Of course, even if you discount 20,000 won, it is not comparable in terms of price. Instead, it is attracting subscribers with benefits such as membership and free watch or tablet lines that affordable phones cannot provide. In addition, a 50% discount on coffee, movies, and roaming is provided to subscribers of the youth rate plan.

For example, in the case of the youth direct rate plan of 55,000 won and 300GB (speed limit of 5Mbps), a 50% discount on one watch/tablet line, 60GB of data refill, membership, and 50% benefits for coffee/movie/roaming are provided. The unlimited data plan provides

free access to 1-2 watch/tablet lines, membership level VIP , and discounts on subscription products. The general rates are similar. Data refill coupons, 50% discount on watches/tablets, or free benefits for 1-2 lines are applied.

LGU +, 10,000 won per month for 12 months… smart device discount
LG U+ is also offering benefits of 10,000 won per month in Naver Pay for 12 months to those who have signed up for an online-only rate plan with SIM메이저놀이터.

There are two target plans: 59,000 won per month with unlimited data and 69,000 won with unlimited data. In the case of the 69,000 won rate plan, tethering and sharing data of 50GB each are provided, and two watch and tablet lines are provided free of charge. In addition, a 100% discount on the Galaxy Buzz 2 Pro and one media service are provided.

65,000 won per month, unlimited plan provides 7,000 won for Naver Pay. If you maintain the plan for 24 months, you will receive a shopping coupon pack worth 3,000 won per month. With this plan, you can use 25GB of shared data each and receive a discount of up to 11,000 won per smart device.

In addition, one of the Galaxy Tab A8 , Galaxy Watch 5, Airpod Pro 2nd Generation, Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation, Galaxy Buzz 2 Pro, Netflix + YouTube Premium is free.

In addition, we are also running affiliate card discount events. Depending on the usage performance, 11,000 won and 11,000 won promotion are given.

On the other hand, KT does not have a separate event. Coupon packs that can be used at 8 affiliates, including Naver Pay, Happy Point, and Yogiyo, are presented to those who are new to the current online-only rate plan or who are porting numbers. The amount of the coupon pack varies between 2,000 and 9,000 won depending on the subscription plan.

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