“Did you drink?” I reprimanded… Son-in-law sets fire to cancer-fighting mother-in-law lying in bed

On the 22nd, the 3rd Criminal Division of the Seoul Northern District Prosecutor’s Office (Chief Prosecutor Lee Jang-woo) arrested and indicted Mr. A in his 40s for setting 스포츠토토fire to his mother-in-law lying in a hospital bed for bruising herself.

According to the prosecution and police, on the 29th of last month, Mr. A set fire to toilet paper in a hospital room on the 7th floor of Nowon-gu Nuclear Power Hospital in Seoul, and then threw it at his mother-in-law, Mr. B in her 60s, and was accused of attempting to kill him (attempted murder, arson of Hyeonju building).

B, who is suffering from cancer, was rescued with the help of another patient’s family, but received second-degree burns on his face and hands and was treated at another hospital.

It was investigated that Mr. A set fire to anger at his mother-in-law’s reprimand, “Did you drink?”

It was investigated that Mr. A took turns nursing Mr. B with his wife and went to the hospital for nursing care on the day of the crime.

An official from the prosecution added, “We plan to do our best to maintain the prosecution so that the accused can be punished according to the crime.”

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