‘Cup competition Cinderella’ Park Seong-jin, “I think I’ve adapted a bit now”

Outside heater Park Seong-jin (23) joined Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance as the 4th pick in the second round of the V-League men’s rookie draft last year. He was hoping for sunny skies, but there was little chance. There was no position for him in the 2022-2023 season.

Still, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance manager Kim Sang-woo was always paying attention. Park Seong-jin, who quietly devoted himself to training, emerged as a surprise star in last month’s cup competition. He changed his position to Apogee Spiker and played very well in the midst of sorties. He was on fire from the group stage against Korea Electric Power Corporation (18 points) ~ Hyundai Capital (13 points) ~ Panasonic (Japan, 22 points), and also swept 23 points in the semifinals against Korean Air, leading the team to the finals. Although they lost, they exploded with 30 points in the final against OK Financial Group, signaling their rapid growth.

Park Seong-jin, whom we recently met at the Samsung Training Center (STC) in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, said, “I was very nervous after stepping on the professional court. He was afraid that he would make a mistake, and was conscious of making a mistake, which made him feel intimidated. He made a mistake while trying not to make a miss. I got used to it a bit through the cup competition. He smiled brightly, saying, “Some of the scenes I attempted in practice were good memories.”스포츠토토

Director Kim’s advice was helpful. He continued to boost his confidence and help him improve his form. His attack pattern also changed. In the past, players used defensive attacks by blindly throwing the ball into the opponent’s half, but now they try various strategies, such as pushing. This means that the unreasonable play of hitting the ball despite knowing that the opponent’s blocking has increased has disappeared.

As Park Seong-jin plays various roles, an offensive puzzle has been added to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. It is especially encouraging that we can ease the burden on Yosvani and Eddie. I know this too. Park Seong-jin said, “I am not greedy for selection. Even if he is not a starter, he has a role as a backup. There is space everywhere, left and right, and there is my mission. “He must help his foreign colleagues when they are tired,” he said emphatically.

Of course, Park Seong-jin also wants a high place. The last place in his debut season served as an impetus. “The director said, ‘The only thing left for us to do is to go up.’ right. We need to show better performance. The cup competition was an opportunity to foreshadow a change in Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. “I will focus on harmony rather than competition and give strength to the team,” is Park Seong-jin’s ambition for the new season.

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