Cross of joy and sorrow

2022-2023 KB League (Sudam 10R 3G)
Suryeo Han Hapcheon, defeat Japan Kiwon and go to PS

(Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) If you win, you advance, and if you lose, you are eliminated. Suryeohan Hapcheon survived the last game on the line. One remaining ticket to the Sudam League postseason went to Sooryehan Hapcheon.

Suryeohan Hapcheon, which was also the winning team of the previous year, defeated Japan Kiwon in the 19th week of the 2022-2023 KB Kookmin Bank Baduk League (3 matches of the 10th round of the Sudam League) held at the Baduk TV Studio on the evening of the 12th.

Kim Jin-Hwi 6P, Park Jeong-Hwan 9P, and Yoo Oh-Sung 7P won in turn and decided a 3-1 victory. In Nippon Kii, the youngest Fukuoka Kotaro, 4th dan, only took one game.

Suryeohan Hapcheon, who earned 3 points, had 28 points. From 4th place to 2nd place, I stepped on the postseason stage where I was invited 토스카지노to 3rd place. In the semi-playoffs, they will play against Ulsan Korea Zinc.

In an interview with coach Ko Geun-tae, he said, “The team had a tough season with many twists and turns, but the players did not give up until the end and did well.” “Since advancing to the postseason was not our goal in the first place, I will start with the idea that we are starting from now towards the final goal. I am confident in Korea Zinc because I think we have the upper hand in terms of power,” he said.

Park Jung-hwan, 9th-dan captain, said, “Since there is no ace match in the postseason, I think we can focus on one game without much burden. Since all the team members are strong, I think we have an advantage when all five players come out.”

Meanwhile, the government of Baduk Mecca, who had played the final round of the team first and was waiting for the follow-up results of the competing teams in second place, screamed. On the 11th, Ulsan Korea Zinc won and moved to 3rd place, and on the 12th, Suryeohan Hapcheon won and fell to 4th place and was eliminated.

The Sudam League will enter the semi-playoffs from the 25th. In the semi-playoff, which is played with up to 3 games, the top team in the regular league is given an advantage, so Ulsan Korea Zinc, which is in 3rd place, must disclose the order of the 1st to 5th countries in advance.

Next week, the final rounds of the Nangar League will be held one after another. Daejin is Treasure Island Elite-Com2Stagem (17th), Celltrion-POSCO Future M (18th), Korea Price Information-Kix (19th). In a situation where only the postseason advancement of Korea Price Information is decided, the other two teams are decided.

For the first time in history, the two major leagues run the regular season, with 12 teams playing 16 games each, with the top three teams in each league advancing to the postseason. 3 points for a 4-0 or 3-1 win, 2 points for a 3-2 win and 1 point for a 2-3 loss.

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