‘Conflict with the opposing owner’ NBA Jokic, only sanctions without suspension

Denver Nuggets’ flagship center Nikola Jokic of the National Basketball Association (NBA), who collided with the opposing owner who was in the stands during the game, was only fined about 33 million won without any other disciplinary action, such as suspension.

On the 9th (Korean time), the NBA Secretariat announced on Twitter that Jokic was fined $25,000 (approximately 33 million won) for “inappropriate contact with spectators sitting around the court during a game.”

Matt Issy, who was in the crowd 2 minutes 36 seconds before the end of the first half of the 2022-2023 NBA Western Conference Playoffs 토스카지노(PO) 2nd round 4th away game with the Phoenix Suns, 4th place in the regular league, held at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona the day before. There was friction with the owner of Via Phoenix.

When Phoenix’s Josh Okogi fell off the court and the ball flowed toward him, the owner of Isibia held the ball in one arm and tried to get Okogi back to play quickly.

Jokic, who wanted a quick attack in the absence of an opponent, rushed in and tried to steal the ball, but the owner of Isibia did not give it up and endured.

Then, Jokic pushed the owner of Isivia with his elbow, using force to get the ball out. Jokic was immediately awarded a technical foul for this.

In this game, Devin Booker and Kevin Durant each scored 36 points, and Phoenix won 129-124, making the series 2-2, and Jokic alone scored 53 points and 11 rebounds.

There were also observations that Jokic was suspended after the game and could not play in the 5th game.

Although he is the owner of the opposing team, regardless of the reason, he is not a player who plays in the game, but the scene of him exercising his strength toward the crowd was vividly captured on relay cameras.

In fact, local sports media such as The Athletic analyzed the league rules and reported that “the NBA may take this issue seriously.”

However, shortly after, the owner of Isibia directly said on Twitter, “Phoenix had a great victory the night before, and that’s all.”

The owner of Isibia said, “It is not desirable for suspension or sanctions to be imposed for the accident at the time.”

Game 5 of the two teams will be played at Denver’s home on the 10th.

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