‘Colleague Assault’ Mane popularity explodes, only 7 teams send love calls, Bamun remains despite wage cuts?

Rumor has it that his personality is not good due to ‘colleague assault’, but Sadio Mane (31, Bayern Munich) is popular.

On the 19th (hereinafter Korean time), British media reported that “Mane is expected to leave Munich and seek a transfer this summer due to disciplinary problems and substandard records.” He added, “Mane’s annual salary reaches £ 17 million (about 28.1 billion won), so it will not be easy to find a new team.”

“Manet’s options are limited, and with one year remaining on his contract with Munich, it seems unlikely he will accept a pay cut스포츠토토.”

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However, after a year, the possibility of returning to the English Premier League has emerged. “Manet is imminent,” Mane told the Daily Telegraph. “I agreed to everything. Everything was ready, but I thought, ‘I want to go to Liverpool’.” The British’The Sun’ said, “Mane are chasing Mane, but they face competition.” “Munich are known to want to release Mane. Manchester United are interested in signing Mane because he can add his versatility and experience to the attack. “he emphasized.

However, Manet’s popularity did not cool down. Not only Manchester United, but also Newcastle and Chelsea are poised to join the scout. The Sun explained, “Newcastle are also paying attention to Mane to strengthen their European Champions League appearances and attacking options.” ‘The Mirror’ said: “Chelsea already have a lot of options for Mane’s position as a winger. Chelsea have a half chance of signing Mane, but they need to learn a lesson from signing the waning Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang last summer. there is,” he said.

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The options outside of the EPL are wide. In addition to France’s rejected club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Italy’s prestigious Inter Milan, and Spain’s prestigious Barcelona, ​​Saudi teams are courting.

“With Lionel Messi and Neymar expected to leave this summer, PSG may need to fill the void with an experienced attacking option. Mane is capable of playing on the flanks or through the centre,” said the Mirror. I will be able to connect well.”

He also said, “Inter Milan, which reached the European Champions League final, has reestablished its position as a prestigious European soccer club. Inter Milan will need Edin Dzeko’s support next season. Romelo Lukaku is expected to return to Chelsea.” “Italian football has a long history of extending players’ careers into their late 30s. Considering Mane’s declining physique, Italy could be the perfect country to spend the rest of his career.”

However, Manet’s intentions seem different. Fabrizio Romano, a European football transfer market expert, said on social media, “Mane, his agent, and the Munich side recently had a conversation after a difficult first season. At this meeting, Mane said he wanted to stay in Munich. He helped Munich win the next season and the club We conveyed the message that we hope to change the history of the world.”

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